Insectonator Walkthrough

Something bugging you? Insectinate it! The backyard is filled with creepy bugs, and there’s only one that can handle the job… 26 different weapons- Knives,guns, machine guns, explosives, nuke bombs and even your trusty boot. 20 different types of bugs. 28 different achievements. This game is all about casual fun, we hope you like it 🙂

Play Online: Insectonator (Unlock Achievements)
Play Offline: Download Insectonator (3 MB)

Insectonator Two achievements & 20 points to earn!

Insectocalypse Dawn Badge (5 points) – Level 5 completed.
Go Fleet! Badge (15 points) – 15 achievements earned.

Insectonator Instructions

Mouse to aim and shoot, Z,X or <> to switch weapons, ESC for main menu.

Insectonator – Title Menu

The word Insectonator derives from the combination of Insect and Terminator.
Insectonator Walkthrough Title Menu

Insectonator – Action Screen

Using a pistol is overkill for exterminating insects in your backyard.
Insectonator Walkthrough Action

Insectonator – Weapons and Summary

As you reach higher levels, you unlock various weapons to be used at your disposal!
Insectonator Walkthrough Weapon

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