Ichigo Daifuku aka Strawberry Mochi Rice Cake Recipe

Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi Rice Cake) is a modern mix of traditional Japanese Confectionery where strawberry is wrap with red bean paste (anko/azuki) followed by glutinous rice cake (mochi). Do you know Ichigo is a name of popular main character in Bleach Anime?


Ichigo Daifuku Ingredients

(serves 6)

6 strawberries
100g Tsubu-An (red bean paste with skin of beans)
150g Kiri-Mochi (square pieces of rice cake)
3 tbsp sugar OR sugar substitute
3 tbsp water
Mochitoriko *Katakuriko (potato starch) OR corn starch

Ichigo Daifuku Preparation

Divide read-bean paste into 6 portions and wrap these around strawberries. Combine Kiri-Mochi, sugar and water into a microwavable glass container and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave mixture at 500w for 3 minutes.

Lift-up and mix mochi using wooden spatula or rice paddle till remaining water dissolves into mixture. Place mochi on a flat container that has Mochitoriko flour to cover it and sprinkle the flour over it. Divide mochi into 6 portions. Flatten a piece of mochi and place a wrapped red-bean paste containing strawberry in center. Pinch the opening to close the wrap.

Ichigo Daifuku Tips

It is recommended to eat it as soon as its made since microwaved mochi gets hard quickly.

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