How to Pass Maximum Link Juice to Important Pages of Your Site

Here is a few quick tips on how to distribute maximum link juice using do-follow internal linking to your site’s important pages!.

Successful Sites Keeps Low OBL but High IBL

Link Juice (also known as PageRank) is divided equally to the total number of links within a page. These links includes doFollow and noFollow attribute links. No-Follow links will discard all PageRank while Do-Follow links does the opposite.

To avoid wasting/leaking PageRank, keep OBL (Out Bound Links) low but IBL (In Bound Links) high. Display more important pages but less non-important on all pages of your site. Have a sitemap to distribute Link Juice evenly too. Below are few ways you can cut-down non-important IBL.

Company Pages All Under One Roof

Combine all company related-pages into 1 authority page. These pages are About Us, Methodology, Mission and Process, Why Us, Process etc. This improves user’s experience as they can view everything in page using mouse scroll wheel. Keep each content short but descriptive, as most people skips reading wall-of-text.

Displaying Useful Footer Links

Avoid displaying the same links in footer if they can be found on your sidebar or top navigational menu. This avoids getting penalize by Google Penguin Update where it detects webmasters manipulating links for higher PageRank.

Avoiding Popup Windows

Avoid or use less of enlarge popup window feature as it reduces link juice since it is not passing page rank out, making it stagnant. You want to have your PageRank flowing in circles till it drop its momentum.

Post a comment below if you have your own share of tips that helps your site!

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