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Hero’s Arms is a RPG Fantasy Game where you defeat monsters and search for quest items (or treasures) kept safe by big monsters. Those relics are then used to grant passage to the evil Gordzak’s lair, which you’ll have to destroy in order to beat the game. To accomplish this you will need to upgrade your gear and your personal strength by leveling up and finding magic items. View Hero’s Arms Walkthrough Guide if you are having difficulty accomplishing a specific quest/task!

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Hero’s Arms Articles

Level Guide
Extra Information on World 1 and 2
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Store: Weapons, Shields, Armor + Skills
Bestiary: Monsters, Creeps and Bosses
Farming Gold Coins
Save Game: SOL Flash Save Game
World Maps: Forest, Cave and Palace

Hero’s Arms Review

I have not played this type of RPG game before but tried MMORPG such as MapleStory and others. At first glance, it seems like an old game, namely Zelda or Final Fantasy I, II, III. After playing this game for 10-15 minutes, it felt boring because there is no indication/hint of what the player should do.

After exploring the whole forest, I managed to find a town with villagers. However, talking to them does not give any useful hints such as the location of the disguise items. The prices of each weapon, shield, and armor are outrageously expensive. Farming gold coins in the forest would not prove useful because monster sometimes drops and sometimes the amount is either large or small. Mostly are small unless you fight against high level monsters. With this aspect itself, it discourages many players, and to think it more like grinding for experience and money. -1 point for this.

When I level up, I could spend my experience points into either one of the 3 stats namely weapon [fist], magic [thunder] and health [heart]. But there is no explanation to what each stat does. This puzzles the players which to prioritize first. Player could not decide if they do not know what each stat do, and also without knowing your character well, its hard to plan ahead on what skill he need to prioritize first.

Thirdly, the map in the game is horrible and difficult to navigate compare to the map shown in this blog. because it does not show the boundaries within the map. One suggestion to solve this is provide the players undiscovered map but with detailed map. Undiscovered map is highlighted in black, but once the user explored the map, all path are shown. This will make the map much more useful than simply small mini icons that presents little information.

Boss has different types of attacks and show some indicator before attacking hero. Bushes/Pots dropped random stuff. Statue provides healing powers. Treasure boxes rewards player with gold coins/band-aids/magic soda.
Only 1 town to explore. Lack of storyline and side quest.
No indication on things needed to be done. It’s basically exploring whole map.
Little gold coins dropped by monster and amount varies. Farming gold is difficult.
Equipment price sold in shop are too expensive.
Unable to carry many band-aids and magic soda.
Shop is too far from the main battle. Lots of traveling which is time consuming.
Lack variety of equipments.
Mini map somewhat useful but confusing.
Unable to replenish HP/MP. But this can only be done after completing Colosseum.
There are no description for each equipment and stat [Fist/Heart/Thunder]
Lack of skills, mostly slashing and ultimate special attack.
Axe is pretty weak against a line of mobs in front [with max level 21 weapon]
Scepter is deals little damage compare to weapon [with max level 21 magic]

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5 thoughts on “Hero’s Arms Walkthrough Guide

  1. Anthony

    Butterfly is in the top center grid (same grid where a cave is located), in a bush in the top left hand side coner

  2. Kelteel / Lightecho v838

    Found the Security Guard Cap in the second Palace(P2) where the scepter
    was in World 1. I was initially looking in the cave where the Round
    Shield was as that is where some walkthrough said it would be.

  3. Kelteel / Lightecho v838

    I am trying to get the Security Guard Cap in lower right cave World 2. All I’m finding is a dead Blue Squid and opened chest. Any ideas.

    Also went through Coliseum once and made it to round 28 b4 I ran out of potions. Hope you can help with Security Guard Cap!!

  4. Ayumilove

    Hi Kelteel, I had some difficult time navigating Hero’s Arms large map, so this map was created to aid me and others 😀

  5. Kelteel / Lightecho v838

    Thank you for an excellent Walkthrough for Hero’s Arms. Your maps were especially helpful as I tried to use my stick sword on those suspicious looking bushes. Didn’t work so I gave up on that idea … until I purchased a real sword(#4) and then I discovered it worked by accident. I was trying to attack over the top of bushes because I had longer reach. Bushes started disappearing and I would hit them twice every time I went through the areas. Double Boomeraxe works great on switchs.