How to Be Successful Chef in Hell’s Kitchen by Learning Other’s Mistakes

Review previous contestant mistakes here to avoid eliminating yourself from Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen! This guide highlights mistakes you can be learned to succeed in becoming Gordon Ramsey’s Head Chef or Sous Chef in his famous restaurants!

Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 Participants

Red Team (Women)

Barbie 34 Philadelphia PA
Briana 32 (Personal Chef)
Robyn 31 (Executive Sous Chef)
Roshni 28 (Executive Chef)

Blue Team (Men)

Brian 31 Chicago IL
Don 44 Houston TX
Guy 28 (Executive Catering Chef)
Patrik, Station: Appetizers

Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 Episode 2 Lessons

Briana (Station: Appetizers) She cooked risotto in 3 different pans and all are cooked in different colors. Since all 3 risotto are served under 1 table, customers will question on the quality of their meals. Chef Ramsey advises Briana to recook risotto all in one pan.

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