Healthy Black Sesame Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Black Sesame Smoothie Recipe

Black Sesame Smoothie is a healthy desert perfect for summer. It consists of banana (rich in nutrient, anti-oxidant for boosting immune system), soy milk (high quality protein, low fat, good for dieting) and sesame seeds (helps maintain beautiful skin). If you are not a fan of soymilk, the black sesame seed aroma and banana sweetness ensures that you savor this drink.

Cooking Information

Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings
Total Time: 5 min


1 Ripe Banana
250ml Original Unfortified Soymilk (1.06 cups)
2 tbsp Ground Black Sesame Seeds
Honey (about ½ tbsp)
3~4 Ice Cubes


1. Peel banana and divide in half.
2. Blend banana, soymilk, sesame seeds, honey and ice cubes together.
3. Pour smoothie into a glass.


1. Use toasted sesame seeds. Re-toast before use to increase the flavor and aroma!
2. If you are allergic to banana, substitute with avocado and add some vanilla bean powder with it.

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