HackerStory Walkthrough Guide

The game is simple. Sit back and relax while your hero hack-n-slash vacuumed monsters within map via bot hack. If you are leveling slowly, purchase premium cash shop items for Cash. Use a variety of hacks at your disposal to achieve level 200 before getting banned by GM (Game Moderator).

Play Ayumilove HackerStory V1

[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzS9tPHnI_4]

Tips and Tricks
1) Avoid leveling too quickly as the higher level you are, the cost of purchasing cash skyrocket.
2) Loot scrolls from monsters as they provide more money in long term.
3) To avoid getting visited by GM frequently, apply in-game hacks that does has low visibility.
4) If you plan to level up fast after obtaining your equipments, use high visibility hacks.

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5 thoughts on “HackerStory Walkthrough Guide

  1. DrownfishxXx

    Is it possible you will release v2

  2. dave

    You can trick the nifty Merchants in this Game 😀

    Never accept a bad Deal NEVER and with every Deal they will offer you better ones.

    For every bad Deal you make they will adjust the buying Price down and the selling Price up.

    But for every good Deal under the Average you gain a Boni. You just have to remember the Percentage they offered last time and dont accept anything below.
    You have to refresh until you have a nice Price that you like.
    Thought you can just buy for the average Price for a while but do it for too long and the Prices skyrocket.

    If you want to lvl up fast choose only Monsters that you can one or two hit everything else is a waste. At least until you reach the Endgame.

  3. chupon2

    If I remember correctly, you released Hackerstory v2 to Kongregate for about a month, then it was removed. What happened and will it ever come back?
    -Kyle L

  4. vampsquirrel

    is there ever going to be a sequel?

  5. JunXianYong

    I can still remember that this is one of the best games you have created :).