Ayumilove Idle Story Development Log

Ayumilove Idle Story Development

1. Expanding Idle Games.
2. Add weekly/daily challenge.

Version 6 – (??? 2014)
1. Implement Job System + Skill System (Pending)
2. Add more drops for higher level monsters. (100-250)
3. Add more equip avatar for higher levels (200-250)

Version 5 – (Mar. 26, 2014)
1. Add a shop to purchase Cash, Weapon Upgrade. (Done)
2. Implement Buy/Sell Item System (Done).
Fixed Bugs:
1. Sell Item Drop (Item Price * Item Quantity)
2. Switch player avatar upon purchasing new equip.
3. Load data from my site instead of Kongregate since they have issues with retaining old files.
4. Added image caching to load monster data faster when switching back and forth.

Version 4 – Game Balancing Upgrade Costs (Mar. 19, 2014)
1. Implement Anti Speed Hack. (Done)
2. Implement Character Avatar when you upgrade weapon. (Done)
3. Handcraft weapon upgrade cost instead of auto-calculating. (Done)
4. Revamp Idle Story GUI appearance (Done).
5. Implement Tooltip Feature (Done).

Version 3 – Game Balancing Upgrade Costs (Mar. 15, 2014)
1. Balance the weapon level upgrade and rank upgrade cost.
– Rank upgrade costs 10% of its current weapon level cost.
– Weapon level costs is calculated by multiplying its level 3 times.

Version 2 – Reducing Lag (Mar. 9, 2014)
1. Auto Save Game every 10 seconds to reduce lag when killing monsters every second.
2. Added a new weapon rank feature. Each time you upgrade rank, it will give you a bonus stat.

Version 1 – Basic game developed! (Mar. 8, 2014) – Basic Game Feature
1. Gain experience and pixels from monster kills.
– When sufficient exp acquired, player levels up.
2. Discover new monsters with higher level.
3. Upgrade weapon attack by spending pixels earned.
4. Allows user to switch monsters via combo-box drop-down list.
5. Allows user to manually save and reset save game.
6. Provide statistics on leveling progress and minimal game events.
7. Exp Table is based on MapleStory RED Exp Table GMS v.146
8. Damage formula is only based on the number of upgrades in weapon attack.
9. Added boss respawn delay to prevent players from leveling up on their high exp rate.
10. Combo-box drop down list glitch fix. Now displays more monsters with bigger font size.
– Displays level and name.
11. Monster picture, data, and exp table are externalized.
– This is to avoid recompiling flash swf and convenient to add/update data.

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  1. Carlin

    What happened to the development of this game?