Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait Recipe

Today, I am making easy-to-prepare Green Tea Ice Cream with no heating process, recommended for everyone. Matcha in Japanese refers to finely milled or fine powder green tea.


Green Tea Ice Cream Ingredients

(400ml/1.69 u.s. cup)
200ml Milk (0.702 u.s. cup)
60g Brown Sugar/Refined Sugar (2.12 oz)
1 1/2 tbsp Matcha – Green Tea Powder
100ml Whipping Cream 36% fat (3.38 fl. oz)

Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait Ingredients

(serves 1)

Green Tea Ice Cream
10g Brown Rice Flakes (0.353 oz)
30g Premade Anko (1.06 oz)
3 Shiratama Dango
Whipped Cream
Caramel Sauce
Shiratama Dango (18 pieces)
50g Shiratamako – Glutinous Rice Powder (1.76 oz)
45ml Water (1.69 fl. oz)

Green Tea Ice Cream Guide

Pour whipping cream into a bowl and place it into ice water to cool it. Slowly whip the cream with an electric mixer to avoid splashing. Pour milk into a container and add green tea powder with brown sugar. Let the green tea sit into the mixture otherwise it will splash around.

Blend mixture for 30 seconds. Add this green mixture to the whipped cream. Gently stir the mixture while keeping the foam as it is. It doesn’t have to look even at this moment. Keep the freezer bowl in the freezer for enough time before making ice cream.

Place lid mixer on and turn on the switch. Pour ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl. The mixture will gradually becomes smoother as it is mixing in the ice-cream maker. It will take about 20 minutes before its ready to serve.

If you like the ice-cream firmer, place the freezer bowl in freezer for extra 1 hour after being processed. Turn off the ice-cream maker switch and remove the lid. Clean the ice-cream maker’s paddle and remove.

Serving Green Tea Ice-Cream Parfait

Serve brown rice flake in a bowl and add pre-made Shiratama Dango (Small Mochi Balls made of Glutinous Rice Flour) along with pre-made Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste). Scoop the Green Tea Ice-Cream with a spoon. Shape and make it two balls. Place it into the bowl. Put whipped cream on top of ice-cream. Finally, garnish with caramel sauce.

Green Tea Ice Cream Tips

There is no heating process for this recipe as it requires no egg yolk, making it fuss free and easy to make. It’s worth using good-quality green tea powder for this recipe! I highly recommend this Green Tea Ice-Cream recipe as its less fat and delicious.

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