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Exos Heroes Valentina


NATION: North von Frosty
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
FACTION: Zebenstunier

Total Stats

Health: 3,568
Attack 1,083
Defense: 673
Speed: 35
Hit: 100
Dodge: 105
Critical Hit: 280
Block: 30

Hero Story

The first daughter of Shufraken. Everyone’s expectations fell on her shoulders because of her outstanding talent that reminded people of Shufraken in her younger days. Valentina grew up living up to people’s expectations and became the successor to the throne while being compared to her feeble brother, Ramge. She had trained as the successor under Shufraken until Ramge departed to Lenombe as the King’s Guard. After Ramge departed the country, Valentina helped Shufraken with his work in earnest. Valentina was the closest subordinate of Shufraken as well as one of the precious few who can give orders to the Dark Souls and the Red Skull, the forces under the immediate command of Shufraken. While Valentina sympathizes with Ramge for being compared to her, she also believes Ramge bears part of the blame due to his feeble personality.

Exos Heroes Mana Absorb 3

Mana Absorb 3 (Passive)

  • Removes buff of an enemy and gains 1 mana.
  • Gains additionally 1 mana if target’s health is at 80% or more.
  • Gains additionally 1 mana and removes 1 mana from target if target’s health is at 30% or less.
Exos Heroes Sharp Punishment

Sharp Punishment (1 Mana)

  • Deals 150% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Afflicts Frostbite to the target, dealing 92% damage every turn for 2 turns.
  • Mana Burn 10 mana if the target is afflicted with Fear of the Abyss.
Exos Heroes Summon Uloom

Cage of Despair (3 Mana)

  • Deals 262% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Afflicts target with Frostbite, dealing 92% damage every turn for 4 turns.
  • Mana Burn 10 mana if target is afflicted with Fear of the Abyss

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