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Exos Heroes Uloom


ELEMENT: Machine
NATION: Marinos Island
RACE: Ogre
FACTION: Zebenstunier

Total Stats

HP: 4,878
Attack: 575
Defense: 518
Speed: 34
Ht: 99
Dodge: 90
Critical Hit: 50
Block: 390

Hero Story

Acolossal ogre accompanying Rera. Uloom is from an Ogre tribe, which is now almost extinct. Young Rera discovered Uloom being dragged by a slave trader of Pedas. Then she asked his father, the former King, to have him as her servant. The King worried that Uloom would hurt Rera, but Uloom obeyed and cherished her very much. Rera also treated Uloom warme as if he were one of her family members. People in the royal court gradually trusted Uloom, who cherishes Rera more than anyone, despite him being less smart than other ogres. After Uloom gained trust from others, Rera no longer considered Uloom as just a servant. Rather, she
taught Uloom various battle skills. Thanks to his extraordinary ogre-like physical ability, he became skilled quickly and became a warrior as talented as other outstanding warriors. As the closest servant of Rera, Uloom feels blue now because Rera went to Lenombe since she was appointed to King’s Guard.

Exos Heroes Cleanse 3

Cleanse 3 (Passive)

  • Cleanses damage over time and debuff effects from allies and gain 1 mana.
  • Gain 1 mana additionally if health of target is at 20% or less when triggered.
  • Remove 1 mana if health of target is at 70% or more when triggered.
Exos Heroes Essence of Art

Essence of Art (1 Mana)

  • Increases attack of 1 ally by 22% of own attack for 6 turns.
  • Removes all status effects from target.
  • Target gains 1 mana.
Exos Heroes Clown's Performance

Clown’s Performance (2 Mana)

  • Deals 127% damage to all enemies.
  • Hit -30 for 4 turns if the target is Charmed.

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