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Exos Heroes Rera


NATION: Marinos Island
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
FACTION: Zebenstunier

Total Stats

Health: 3,568
Attack 1,083
Defense: 673
Speed: 115
Hit: 110
Dodge: 104
Critical Hit: 60
Block: 30

Hero Story

King’s Guard of Marinos Island. People around Rera looked up to her, as she was the nominee as the successor of Marinos Island. Her father, the King of Marinos Island, did whatever Rera wanted since Rera resembled his wife. Rera also stabilized her position as the successor by showing her great skills, although she did sometimes cause troubles with her practical jokes. While Rera is a bit selfish and knows how to take advantage of her position, no one hates her thanks to her bright, cheerful, and sociable but a bit cheeky personality. Rera also practiced archery as a hobby. While she considered archery as a hobby, her talent in archery astonished even her best teachers. Currently, she is seeking Ramge with Bathory, following the King’s order.

Exos Heroes Focused Shot 3

Focused Shot 3 (Passive)

  • Afflicts target with the Focus Fire mark and decreases Dodge/Block for 1 round on basic attack.
  • Gains 1 mana if target dies while marked.
  • Gains 1 mana if target’s health is at 70% or more.
Exos Heroes Verdant Fire

Verdant Fire (2 Mana)

  • Deals 187% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Poisons target, dealing 82% damage every turn for 3 turns.
  • If you’re marked with Tranquil, deals 50% additional damage for each mana the target has.
Exos Heroes Summon Uloom

Summon Uloom (5 Mana)

  • Deals 249% Piercing damage to all enemies.
  • If you’re marked with Tranquil, deals 50% additional damage for each mana the targets have.

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