Exos Heroes Offer Packs Guide


This is where you can buy Crystals, Xes, Gold, Levistones and Content Passes to progress in-game faster in Exos Heroes. However, it is not required to purchase any of these as the game is pretty F2P (Free to Play) friendly. Crystals are the only item worth obtaining in this section to purchase the Monthly Pass for it’s Daily Xes or Offer Packs, which provides better overall value for every dollar spent.

Crystal PacksCrystalCost (USD)
Handful of Crystals1001
Two Handful of Crystals5505
Bundle of Crystals1,1009
Cup of Crystals3,30027
Box of Crystals5,50045
Pile of Crystals11,00090
Xes PacksXesCost (Crystal)
Handful of Xes60300
Two Handful of Xes105500
Bundle of Xes2101,000
Cup of Xes7103,300
Box of Xes1,0905,000
Pile of Xes2,20010,000

Novice Package

Beginner’s Hero Special Package I

Costs: 1000 Crystal (USD 8.2)
Xes 200, 1 Legendary Hero Selection Ticket, 1 Demon’s Tail (Legendary Magical Weapon)
Note: Not recommended purchasing as Legendary equipments are easily obtainable from exploration in “North von Frosty” continent (Chapter 9 of the Story). Also, you will obtain a significan amount of Xes completing storyline, and you will get many more Legendary Heroes along the way. It is only worth getting this offer package if you have difficulty obtaining a particular Legendary Hero to complete your Hero Collection.

Beginner’s Hero Special Package II

Beginner’s Currency Special Package I

Beginner’s Currency Special Package II

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