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Exos Heroes Deva


HERO TIER: Legendary
ELEMENT: Machine
NATION: Saint West
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
AGE: 24
REGION: Holy Dragon Grounds
ROLE: Assassin

Total Stats (6★)

HP: 4392
Attack: 1556
Defense: 675
Hit: 100
Dodge: 110
Critical Hit: 120
Block: 20
Attack Speed: 112
Critical Damage: 150
Block Def. Rate: 50

Deva Skills

Acrobatic Dance (Mana Cost: 2)
[Back Row First] Deals 72% damage to all back row enemies.
[Special] The turn resets if the target dies.

Lovely Arrow Shot (Mana Cost: 3)
[Single] Deals 420% to 1 enemy.

Final Hit 2 [Passive]
Attacks if an enemy takes damage and its Health drops to 10% or less.
Gain Mana(1 mana) if target survives.

Dragon Hunter Blessing [Passive]
Increases damage dealt to dragons with the Dragon Scale of Chaos activated by 250%.
[Self] Decreases damage from Raging Breath by 70% (Can’t apply with Head Dragon Knight effect)

Deva Storyline

Young Deva snuck into the feudal lord’s castle in order to exact revenge for her parents who were arrested by the lord for merely being on the lord’s bad side. She was discovered by the Hurricane Blood, a group of outlaws who were also raiding the castle at that time. The Hurricane Blood captured the lord’s castle, and ordered Deva and the lord to kill each other. As a result of the duel, Deva survived by killing the lord. The Hurricane Blood’s leader, AAA took a liking to Deva and adopted her. Despite Deva growing up and training alongside this group of outlaws, Deva still considers herself different from them. She ran away from the Hurricane Blood along with a few people who followed her. Deva tried to be a righteous outlaw and started stealing from the nobles to give to the needy commoners. After being betrayed by a few of her followers and some of the commoners she had helped, Deva and the rest of her crew were arrested. Most of her crew met with a horrible death and those who survived were severely tortured until AAA learned what happened to his daughter and her followers, and rescued them. When Deva returned to the Hurricane Blood after losing all of her colleagues, she became a totally different person. After being betrayed by the people she trusted, she now acts with no mercy and has begun to lead the Hurricane Blood through blood and fear. A few years later, AAA passed away due to deep wounds he suffered while rescuing Deva. Deva purged those who opposed her and became the sole leader of the Hurricane Blood. The very first thing Deva did was annihilate the nobles who had captured her before, as well as the former members and commoners who betrayed her. It was the prelude of the new Hurricane Blood, which once again gained their notorious reputation all throughout the continent.

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