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Exos Heroes David Johnson


HERO TIER: Legendary
NATION: Marinos Island
RACE: Human
AGE: 28
REGION: Holy Dragon Grounds
ROLE: Guardian

Total Stats (6★)

HP: 6205
Attack: 742
Defense: 2077
Hit: 99
Dodge: 90
Critical Hit: 50
Block: 390
Attack Speed: 32
Critical Damage: 150
Block Def. Rate: 50

Degas Skills

Aegis of Faith (Mana Cost: 3)
[Self] Increases own maximum Health by 43% for 8 turn(s).
[All] Share Health with all allies for 16 turn(s).

Cursed Trident (Mana Cost: 5)
[All] Deals 142% to all enemies.
[Status Effect] Afflicts targets with Freeze for 5 turn(s).

Block 2 [Passive]
Afflicts all enemies with Provoke if an ally takes damage and its Health drops to 30% or less (10 turns) and grants Heal Over Time to yourself that heals 20% of current Attack every turn for 5 turns.
Gain Mana (1mana) if your Health is 20% or less when triggered.

Dragon Knight Blessing [Passive]
Increases damage dealt to dragons with the Dragon Scale of Order activated by 250%.

Degas Storyline

The eldest son of Baron Stans’ family, who are the immediate attendants of the Royal Family. Originally, Degas was supposed to serve the Royal Family as an attendant but he instead decided to become a knight despite his family’s opposition. Eventually, his younger brother became an attendant. Degas first met Liechtenstein at the royal palace as children. They became friends from sharing a mutual and vigorous aspiration for swordsmanship. Degas had been eager to be recognized for his ability ever since he went against his family’s wishes and chose his own path. Through his exceptional temperance and continuous effort, he honed his skills and joined the Second Knights at the age of 16. 10 years later. Degas was recognized for his diligence and sincerity. When the former captain of the 2nd Knights retired due to health reasons. Degas was only 26 years old. Despite this fact, he overcame the challenges of seniority and was appointed as the new captain. Two years later. Marquis Navar along with a number of nobles, including the royal advisor Baron Stans, started a rebellion. Degas was made aware of the rebellion, and he strategized to save his family. However, Degas wanted to save Liechtenstein as well and decided to lure him out of the capital. Due to the absence of their captain, the First Knights failed to deal with the rebellion and eventually, many of them died. In the end, the rebellion killed many people, including Liechtenstein’s wife. Since then, Liechtenstein has despised Degas for what he had done, although Degas was still satisfied with being able to save his friend’s life. Even so. Degas disappeared, as a result of his guilt in the face of the disaster of the rebellion.

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