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Bernavas (Knight)
Exos Heroes Bernavas


ELEMENT: Machine
RACE: Human
FACTION: Holy Dragon Grounds

Total Stats

HP: 4,862
Attack: 571
Defense: 1,032
Speed: 72
Hit: 107
Dodge: 100
Critical Hit: 60
Block: 120

Hero Story

Carrie’s guardian. Bernavas was born in a small village in the border area of Saint West. The village was attacked by the Tikan Clan when he was young, which resulted in him being trafficked by a slave trader and sold to
Carrie, the daughter of the Great Patriarch of Bronn for his handsome looks. Carrie purchased Bernavas as one of her accessories. But since everyone’s attention was focused on Bernavas’s handsome looks, she ordered him to wear an ominous black mask and not talk to anyone. Once he lost his value as a servant, Bernavas learned swordsmanship from a Tikan warrior in order to become a soldier. The slave boy, who held no one’s
expectations on his shoulders, showed an excellent talent as a swordsman and was appointed as Carrie’s guardian. Some people don’t like Bernavas who doesn’t even talk to anyone except with Carrie, but no one is brave
enough to dare mess with Bernavas, who is an exceptional warrior and is under the protection of Carrie. Bernavas is still carrying out his missions staying next to his master.

Exos Heroes Thrust 3

Thrust 3 (Passive)

  • Deals 30% damage and afflicts Stun for 5 turns to the attacker upon taking damage when hit.
  • Gain 1 mana if the target’s health is 80% or more.
  • Removes 1 mana from the target and then gains 1 mana to self if target’s health is at 30% or less.
  • Dragon Knight Blessing: Increases damage dealt to dragons with the Dragon Scale of Order activated by 250%
Exos Heroes Masked Swordsman

Masked Swordsman (1 Mana)

  • Deals 150% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Afflicts Shock for 3 turns to the target.
Exos Heroes Thunderbolt Slash

Thunderbolt Slash (3 Mana)

  • Deals 105% damage to all back row enemies first.
  • Afflicts Shock for 5 turns to the targets.

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