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Exos Heroes Baraka


ELEMENT: Machine
NATION: Wasted Red
RACE: Human
FACTION: Zebenstunier

Total Stats

Health: 3,414
Attack 1,226
Defense: 527
Speed: 114
Ht: 100
Dodge: 110
Critical Hit: 120
Block: 20

Hero Story

King’s Guard of Wasted Red. Although Baraka is the eldest son of the royal family, he refused to succeed the throne because of his love of honing his martial arts skills rather than governing the state. While the high-ranking aristocrats did not accept what Baraka claimed, some young aristocrats supported Baraka’s decision since Baraka’s resolution was solid and Baraka’s younger brother, Honuk, had the qualities of a sage King. The nation itself could have become unstabilized because of the dispute regarding the succession of the throne, but Wasted Red’s intelligence bureau found that Shufraken of North von Frosty was plotting to assassinate the Emperor while preparing to start a war. Then Baraka volunteered to be the King’s Guard, insisting that he would stop Shufraken from assassinating the Emperor. Since it was clear that there was no one more qualified than Baraka, the King and the high-ranking aristocrats hesitated. Eventually, Baraka became a King’s Guard and went to Lenombe. While Baraka would kill Ramge to stop Shufraken’s plot, Baraka concluded that Ramge would not kill the Emperor after watching Ramge closely. As a result, he did not assassinate Ramge. However, one day, the Emperor was found assassinated in a secret room of the Royal Palace and Ramge has been missing since that day. After then. Baraka departed Lenombe to find Ramge by the King’s order, but the order was not that important to him. Baraka is searching for Ramge to see if his judgment was right or wrong.

Exos Heroes Final Hit 3

Final Hit 3 (Passive)

  • Attacks if an enemy takes damage and its Health drops to 10% or less.
  • Gains 1 mana.
Exos Heroes Assassin Art

Assassin Art (2 Mana)

  • Deals 225% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Turn resets if target dies.
  • Steals 1 mana from target and grants 2 mana to a back row ally if target is Disheartened.
Exos Heroes Madman's Flurry 3

Madman’s Flurry (3 Mana)

  • Deals 525% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Steals 1 mana from target and grants 2 mana to a back row ally if target is Disheartened.

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