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Exos Heroes Annie


HERO TIER: Legendary
NATION: Saint West
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
AGE: 21
REGION: Shelter of Avarice
ROLE: Wizard

Total Stats (6★)

HP: 5472
Attack: 1644
Defense: 855
Hit: 90
Dodge: 100
Critical Hit: 150
Block: 30
Attack Speed: 51
Critical Damage: 150
Block Def. Rate: 50

Annie Skills

Flame Kaboom (Mana Cost: 1)
[All] Deals 81% damage to all enemies.

Flame Tornado (Mana Cost: 5)
[All] Deals 285% damage to all enemies.

Mana Utilization 2 [Passive]
Increases Attack based on allies’ mana count.
Gains Mana (1 mana) if allies’ mana count is at 10 or more on turn.

Shelter Investigator II [Passive]
Increases damage by 200% against Monomos without Fire Barrier.

Annie Storyline

A flame sorceress from Saint West. When Annie was a child, she was fascinated by some flame magic she saw by chance. She visited a magical tower every day to learn magic and became a sorceress. Her teacher tried to teach Annie various kinds of magic but having being influenced by her childhood, her heart had already been taken by flame and thus, she only studied flame spells. To change Annie’s mind, her teacher forced her to enroll in a sorcerers’ troop in regular army, but Annie was kicked out of the unit because she refused to communicate with her comrades and instead, carried on using flame spells. But giving up Annie’s powerful magic was a such a loss for the army that she was allowed to rejoin as a mercenary. Having heard the word of this superb flame sorceress, Scarlet, who is fighting for the rebels, Annie is stoking the flames of her spirit more and more arguing that she herself is the best flame sorceress.

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