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Exos Heroes Alexei


HERO TIER: Legendary
NATION: North von Frosty
RACE: Human
AGE: 37
REGION: Ancient Gold Mine
ROLE: Paladin

Total Stats (6★)

HP: 6181
Attack: 736
Defense: 1395
Hit: 100
Dodge: 99
Critical Hit: 120
Block: 210
Attack Speed: 49
Critical Damage: 150
Block Def. Rate: 50

Alexei Skills

Blue Iron Mace (Mana Cost: 1)
[Single] Deals 240% to 1 enemy.

Perpetual Snow (Mana Cost: 4)
[Back Row First] Deals 120% damage to all back row enemies.
[Status Effect] Afflicts targets with Freeze for 6 turn(s).

Protect 2 [Passive]
Grants Share Health to ally with the lowest maximum Health and heals their Health by 30% of the caster’s current Health at the beginning of the round. Gain Mana (1 mana) if Health of target is less than 20%.

Alexei Storyline

A member of the Royal Family of North von Frosty. Shufraken’s younger brother. Alexei was born as the third son of the Royal Family of North von Frosty. He is quick-witted and knows his place, so maintains good relationships with others. Since he was young, he witnessed his brothers keep each other in check to expand their powers. In that situation, Alexei took a neutral stance rather than creating his faction to fight for the succession. After Shufraken won the battle against Mahar, Alexei helped Shufraken clean up the aftermath. However, Shufraken did not trust Alexei, who remained neutral in his fight against Mahar. To prove his loyalty, Alexei went to fight in the most dangerous battlefield. Alexei was at the forefront of the war against Bronn, who had been attacking North von Frosty while trying to take advantage of the chaos from the civil war. Alexei was feared and called the ‘Horror of the Snowy Mountain’ for crushing the heads of Bronn soldiers with his magical mace. Even Shufraken stopped doubting Alexei who bravely fought against Bronn. Shufraken then offered Alexei an important task: defending the border. After the war, Alexei, quick in assessing the situation and diplomatically competent, managed the border area without causing much friction with Bronn. Alexei, who is constantly improving himself and leads his subordinates as a member of the Royal Family, is well appreciated by the people around him.

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