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Exos Heroes Afos


NATION: North von Frosty
RACE: Human
AGE: 27
REGION: Blessing Sanctum
ROLE: Warrior

Total Stats (6★)

HP: 5271
Attack: 1364
Defense: 1131
Hit: 101
Dodge: 92
Critical Hit: 20
Block: 60
Attack Speed: 88
Critical Damage: 150
Block Def. Rate: 50

Afos Skills

Profundity (Mana Cost: 1)
[Self] Grants Status Effect Immunity to self for 12 turn(s).

Torso Splitter (Mana Cost: 3)
[Single] Deals 350% damage to 1 enemy.

Counter [Passive]
Counters upon taking damage.

Afos Storyline

A battle group leader of the Frost Hounds, which is a secret organization created by Shufraken. Afos has caused many misunderstandings due to his sullenness and habit of muttering to himself. Those characteristics usually cause just minor misunderstandings. But one day, he was almost executed for being a spy because his commanders got emotional after failing a mission. Because of his dismal personality and his tendency to be alone, there was no one close to him. nor anyone to defend him. Afos. depressed by the ridiculous situation, was suggested by Supraken that Shufraken would save him if he joined the Frost Hounds as a leader and that Shufraken would evaluate him based on his battle skills, not his personality or sociability. Even after being named Afos, he was still a man who loved being alone with a dismal personality. However, unlike his former unit, no one doubted him. Thanks to his commanders, Afos’s troops consisted of those with strong individualistic tendencies; each of them was extremely satisfied with being left to themselves.

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