Stats Explained | Eternal Evolution

There are 13 unique hero stats Eternal Evolution. In this guide, I’ll go through each of them explaining the stats purpose to help you in your game progression by equipping your heroes with the best compatible gear stats based on their role! The stats that all hero has are Hit Points, Attack, Defense, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Critical Damage Reduction, Accuracy, Resist, Damage Amplification, Healing Boost, Attack Speed, and Cast Speed.

HP – Hit Points aka Health

Determines how much damage a hero can take before they are defeated.

ATK – Attack

Determines how much damage a hero’s ATK skills inflict. Unless otherwise specified, all skill damage is based on ATK.

DEF – Defense

Reduces the damage taken by the hero when attacked by an enemy. The higher the hero’s defense, the less HP they lose each time they are attacked.

CRIT RATE – Critical Rate

Determines the chance that a hero skill inflicts a critical strike.

CRIT DMG – Critical Damage Increase

Determines the bonus damage inflicted by a successful critical strike.

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