Elune Heroes of Dimension Wei Wei Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Wei Wei Skill Guide


RARITY: Legendary
CLASS: Support

Wei Wei Storyline

Elune – Heroes of Dimension: Wei Wei (Legendary Support Hero) A stranger from a distant Dimension where not even the power of the Creator can reach. She used to be an actress and an idol in a non-magical world, but an unknown force drew her into the world of Elunes. However, Wei Wei firmly believes this bizare world is some sort of a commercial studio designed by her producer, except for the fact that magic used by this studio’s extras is way too realistic to be computer graphics…

Wei Wei Skills

Tapioca Pearls [One Enemy] (Normal)
Launches sticky tapioca pearls to strike an enemy 3 times, dealing 110 (0.95 ATK) M.DMG.
Skill Gem Set (Blue, Blue, Orange): 10% chance to obtain 1 SOUL when attack lands as a CRT.

Bubble Tea Shower [All Allies] (Special 4▲)
Her happy performance makes the crowd feel the joy of drinking a mouthful of bubble tea. Casts [Enhance Buff] that increases P.DEF and M.DEF of all allies.
Skill Gem Set (Yellow, Yellow, Violet): Heals HP of all allies by 1.5%

Sweet Temptation [All Allies] (Ultimate 4▲)
Holds a mega concert to make the crowd feel the job of living. Casts Enhance Buff that increases ATK of all allies by 50% for 1 turn(s). When an ally with Sweet Temptation uses Special Skill or Ultimate Skill, refreshes the duration of Sweet Temptation to 1 turn(s).
Skill Gem Set (Yellow, Yellow, Violet): 10% chance of reducing damage all allies receive by 5% for 2 turn(s).

Check Me Out (Passive 2★)
Exudes charm to boost allies’ morale. Increases ATK of all allies except yourself by 10%.

Delicate Scent (Passive 4★)
Her delicate scent lingers on in the battlefield every time she moves. Casts Enhance Buff that increases ATK of a random ally by 20% for 2 turn(s) when she attacks enemies.

Quench Thirst (Passive 6★)
Wei Wei can quench her thirst for mana while magic is concerntrated on her. While Wei Wei is alive, gains 3 SOUL immediately upon receiving a turn while SOUL of all allies is 2 or less.

Wei Wei Videos

Elune Skill Guide by K Gaming

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