Elune Heroes of Dimension Stella Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Stella Skill Guide


CLASS: Support

Stella Storyline

Elune – Heroes of Dimension: Stella (Rare Support Hero) Stella comes from a bloodline of mages that predict natural disasters based on the trajectory of shooting stars in Meta. These stargazing mages would use the power of celestial magic to thward these disasters — natural or otherwise and often demonic. One day the stars spoke to her, telling the approach of the next disaster, the Demon God. She knew what needed to be done and set off on her journey.

Stella Skills

Stardust (Normal)
Spread Stardust on target enemy, dealing 820 (+1.3 ATK) M.DMG.
Skill Gem Set (Blue, Blue, Orange): 5% chance to Restrain for 1 turn.

Zodiac Memory (Special 4▲)
Creates a barrier for target ally that absorbs 1560 (+2.18 ATK) of all damage (excluding Spirit DMG) for 2 turns and restores 3 random buffs previously granted to the target. If a buff already present is restored, its duration will be refreshed.
Skill Gem Set (Green, Orange, Violet): 5% chance of removing 1 debuff from the target.

Galactic Blessings (Ultimate 6▲)
Grants a barrier to all allies that absorbs 1280 (+2.23 ATK) of all damage (excluding Spirit DMG) for 3 turns. ATK increases by 20% while the barrier is active.
Skill Gem Set (Green, Yellow, Violet): 10% chance to restore 1 SOUL.

Morning Star (Passive 2★)
Starts first in battle. SOUL consumption decreases by 2. If an Elune with the same effect is present, turns will be determined by ATK SPD. If they have the same ATK SPD, turn order will be decided randomly.

Starlight Mystique (Passive 4★)
Stella’s ATK increases by 5% for each ally with Stella’s Barrier.

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