Elune Heroes of Dimension Reve Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Reve Skill Guide


DIMENSION: Guardians
RARITY: Legendary

Revé Storyline

Elune – Heroes of Dimension: Revé (Legendary DPS Hero) Revé is a genius mage who can wield powerful magic. She is also the only summoner who can call forth Fliton at will. However, she has a surplus of magical energy that has often led to unintended friendly fire. The Dimension Affairs Bureau gave her the title of Disciple in order to keep her close under their watch.

Revé Skills

Slingshot [Front First] (Normal)
Hits the enemy 3 times, dealing a total of 1120 (+1.58 ATK) M.DMG
Skill Gem Set (Blue, Blue, Orange): 5% chance to cause Blaze for 2 turns.

Firebomb [All Enemies] (Special 4▲)
Hits all enemies 7 times, dealing a total of 860(+1.21 ATK) M.DMG
Skill Gem Set (Blue, Blue, Orange): 5% chance of reducing target’s M.DEF by 10% for 2 turns.

Falling Star [All Enemies] (Ultimate 6▲)
Deals 1180 (+1.98 ATK) M.DMG to all enemies. For targets afflicted by Blaze, 50% chance of inflicting a PHYS Effect that causes Stun for 2 Turns.
Skill Gem Set (Blue, Orange, Orange): 10% chance of resetting cooldown.

Magic Embers (Passive 2★)
Chance to trigger Magic Embers when attacking an enemy. When a target is inflicted with Magic Embers is hit by a CRT, they will explode and all enemies will be dealt(+0.1 ATK) M.DMG and inflicted with a Nature Effect that causes Blaze for 2 Turns.

Eternal Flames (Passive 4★)
Damage dealt to an enemy afflicted by Blaze increases by 20%, and the target’s existing Blaze with less than 2 turns remaining will reset to 2 turns.

Incineration (Passive 6★)
When an enemy afflicted with Blaze dies, increases ATK by 30% for 1 turn, Grants 1 SOUL for each enemy that was defeated while afflicted with Blaze

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