Elune Heroes of Dimension Nyx Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Nyx Skill Guide



Nyx Storyline

Leader of the anti-Lumen group, lce Pick, and an assassin whose mission is to expose the corruption of the Lumen elite and kill the religious master. He was born as a Lumen slum dweller, so, unlike Fabian and the other priests, he has been aware of the corruption and discrimination of Lumenism from an early age. He secretly has great disdain for priests like Fabian who fail to see the true nature of Lumenism and stubbornly refuse to accept anything outside their narrow scope of beliefs.

Nyx Skills

Ambush [Front First] (Normal)
Launches a surprise ambush on an enemy, striking 4 times and dealing a total of 980(+1.58 ATK) P.DMG.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): 5% chance to cause Seal for 1 turn.

Assassination Plot [Self] (Special)
Temporarily retreats to plot the next move, gaining a Soul Effect that enables user to EVA all incoming attacks and a Enhance Buff that increases CRT by 600 (+0.1 ATK) for 1 turn until the next attack is dealt. Cannot be used during Assassination Plot.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): Increases damage dealt by 5% when attacking targets with 50% HP or less while Assassination Plot is active.

Day of Reckoning [Front First] (Ultimate)
Reveals a hidden emergency blade and strikes the enemy 7 times, dealing a total of 2050(+3.96 ATK) P.DMG. This attack’s CRT PWR increases by 50%.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Orange, Orange): 10% chance to restore 1 SOUL.

Target Weakness (Passive)
Deals either P.DMG or M.DMG to an enemy when attacking, depending on which of the target’s DEF stats is lower.

Grasp Opportunity (Passive)
Increases ACC and CRT rate by 20% when attacking a target that was hit by an ally’s CRT.

Veteran Assassin (Passive)
Instantly activates Assassination Plot after defeating an enemy.

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