Elune Heroes of Dimension Nesari Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Nesari Skill Guide



Nesari Storyline

The Great General of the Demibeasts who leads Sept’s army. She comes from a family of warriors who have sworn loyalty to Sept and spent her childhood undergoing intense training to become a warrior herself. Like many of the royal families of Sept. she used to laugh at humans for being weak, but all that changed after she witnessed Enme fighting with an amount of bravery during the war that would put any Demibeast to shame.

Nesari Skills

Stab & Slash [Front First] (Normal)
Strikes the enemy twice, dealing a total of 1040 (+1.58 ATK) P.DMG.
Red, Red, Orange): 5% chance to cause Bleeding for 2 turns.

Piercing Blow [Front First] (Special 4▲)
Collects Horus’s energy and enters a state of Channeling for 1 turn. When Channeling ends, strikes the enemy 4 times with a powerful javelin, dealing a total of 2400(+3.26 ATK) P.DMG and inflicting a Weakening Effect that reduces P.DEF by 40% for 3 turns.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Orange, Indigo): 10% chance to cause Paralysis for 1 turn.

Extinction Javelin [Front First] (Ultimate 6▲)
Strikes the enemy 15 times, dealing a total of 2200(+3.96 ATK) P.DMG. When an enemy is defeated, user gains 3 SOUL and cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Orange, Violet): 10% chance of increasing user’s ATK by 10% for 2 turns.

Divine Spear Sekhmet (Passive 2★)
Increases damage by 20% on targets afflicted with DEF Down Weaken effect.

Spearsmanship Link (Passive 4★)
After defeating an enemy, the next use of Piercing Blow will not require SOUL or Channeling.

Revenge (Passive 6★)
Until Nesari’s next turn, increases damage and CRT rate of attacks by 20% on an enemy that dealt damage to the user.

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