Elune Heroes of Dimension Kai Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Kai Skill Guide



Kai Storyline

Kai is a young warrior of the Unio, a tribe with an affinity for Spirits. He has the ability to handle both the powers of fire and water. Although he is wary of outsiders due to never having left his village since youth, he is surprisingly interested in Humans his own age.

Kai Skills

Two-Handed Slash [Front First] (Normal)
Strikes the enemy 2 times, dealing a total of 930(+1.58 ATK) P.DMG.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): 5% chance to cause Stun for 1 turn.

Leaping Assault [Front First] (Special 4▲)
Slams down on an enemy, dealing 1430(+2.41 ATK) P.DMG to the enemy and additional damage equal to 20% of the target’s existing HP. The amount of damage inflicted will not exceed 50% of Kai’s ATK.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): 5% chance of reducing target’s P.DEF by 10% for 2 turns.

Final Blow [Front First] (Ultimate 6▲)
Strikes the enemy 1 time, dealing 1960(+3.96 ATK) P.DMG. Damage increases by 40% on targets with less than 50% HP.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Orange, Orange): 10% chance of instantly killing target when landing a CRIT.

Lavia & Gramme (Passive 2★)
Increases damage by 5% for each successive attack on the same target. Damage dealt can be increased up to 20%.

Rampaging Aura (Passive 4★)
Increase ATK by 15% for 2 turns when an attack from Kai lands as a CRIT.

Polar Awakening (Passive 6★)
Increases ATK and CRIT by 20% when HP is below 50%.

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