Elune Heroes of Dimension Fabian Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Fabian Skill Guide


CLASS: Healer

Fabian Storyline

A priest trained by the Lumenism program, The Child. Although he is the youngest priest ever ordained in the history of Lumenism, he has a purity of faith that not even the older priests can match. He has an unwavering conviction that Lumenism and the religious master are always in the right, and shows hostility towards Ice Pick, a group that aims to overturn the Lumen system.

Fabian Skills

Sacred Light [All targets] (Normal)
Heal an ally’s HP by 910(+1.39 ATK). If the target is an enemy, inflicts 910(+1.39 ATK) M.DMG.
Skill Gem Set (Blue, Orange, Green): Restores your HP by 5% of the amount healed.

Mark of Radiance [One Ally] (Special 2▲)
Marks an ally, granting a Soul effect that heals the marked target by 100% of the amount healed when healing other allies (excluding the marked target). Can only be given to 2 units.
Skilll Gem Set (Green, Green, Violet): Increases chances of landing a CRT by 5% of healing received using Mark of Radiance.

Guidance of Lumen [Includes Fallen Allies] (Ultimate 6▲)
Heals the HP of an ally by (+1 Max HP). When used on a dead ally, the target will be revived and HP will be healed.
Skill Gem Set (Green, Green, Violet): Heals 10% additional HP when reviving an ally.

Splendor (Passive 2★)
Heal the HP of all allies by (+0.2 ATK) as soon as its turn begins.

Maximum Spiritual Communion (Passive 4★)
Increases Weaken RES and status effect RES of all allies by 10% as long as Fabian is alive.

Lumen’s Oracle (Passive 6★)
After receiving a killing blow, user will survive with 1 HP remaining and gain a Soul effect that grants immunity to all damage and status effects for 1 turn(s). This effect and only be activated once per battle.

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