Elune Heroes of Dimension Charlotte Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Charlotte Skill Guide


CLASS: Debuffer

Charlotte Storyline

A priest of Lumenism. Unlike Fabian, who is always training, Charlotte is more of the easygoing and lazy type. The other priests chalk it up to an inborn lethargy. but the truth is Charlotte has a massive secret that she hasn’t told a soul about.

Charlotte Skills

Swipe [Front First] (Normal)
Deals 540 (+1.48 ATK) P.DMG to the target.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): 10% chance to Despair a target for 1 turn(s) when landing a CRT.

Moment of Reckoning [One Enemy] (Special 4▲)
Deals 830 (+2.26 ATK) P.DMG to the enemy and inflicts a PHYS Effect that provokes the target for 2 turns.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): 5% chance to Panic target for 2 turn(s).

Divine Hammer [Front First] (Ultimate 6▲)
Deals 1140 (+3.41 ATK) P.DMG to the enemy and inflicts a Weakening Effect that reduces M.DEF by (+0.8 P.DEF) for 4 turns.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Indigo, Violet): 10% chance to steal 2 SOUL from target.

Crest of Punishment (Passive 2★)
When attacked by an enemy inflicts a Crest of Punishment for 2 turns. Reduces ALL RES Rate of enemies with Crest of Punishment by 10%. When hit by a CRT, inflicts 2 Crests of Punishment. Up to 5 Crests of Punishment can be inflicted on a target.

Authority of Lumen (Passive 4★)
Reduces damage received by 20% when attacked by enemies with RES Rate below 20%.

Disciple of Chaos (Passive 6★)
Reduces damage Charlotte receives by 5% for each debuff on all allies.

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