Elune Heroes of Dimension Arslan Skill Guide

Elune Heroes of Dimension Arslan Skill Guide


RARITY: Legendary

Arslan Storyline

Elune – Heroes of Dimension: Arslan (Legendary DPS Hero) The former commander of the Sept Empire. He led by the army before Emperor Akhenaten came to the throne and used to be a seasoned warrior who’d battle to be a seasoned warrior who’d battle monsters. When his daughter Nesari came of age, he retired, leaving the future of Sept to younger generations. However, when the empire fell into crisis and corruption took over Akhenaten, he rose up once again with axe in his hand, just like he did in the old days.

Arslan Skills

Heroic Blow [Front First] (Normal)
Deals 1150(+1.58ATK) P.DMG to an enemy.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Red, Orange): 5% chance to Bleed target for 2 turn(s)

Fierce Cry [All Enemies] (Special 4▲)
Deals 890 (+1.21 ATK) P.DMG to all enemies. 50% chance of inflicting a PHYS Effect that causes Paralysis for 2 turn(s). +40% CRT Rate on enemies with HP remaining lower than 50%.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Orange, Orange): 5% chance of increasing Arslan’s ATK by 10% for 1 turn(s).

Extinction Strike [Front First] (Ultimate 6▲)
Deals 2430(+3.96 ATK) P.DMG to an enemy. +60% CRT rate on enemies with 0 EVA.
Skill Gem Set (Red, Orange, Violet): Heals 5% of Arslan’s Max HP upon defeating an enemy.

Overwhelm (Passive 2★)
At the start of each wave, inflicts Weakening Effect on all enemies that reduces EVA by 50 (+0.01 ATK).

Detect (Passive 4★)
CRT Attacks cast Weakening Effect that reduces EVA Rate of the target by 10% for 3 turn(s).

Seasoned Veteran (Passive 6★)
Increases ACC and CRT Rate by 20% when attacking an enemy with lower ATK than Arslan.

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