Egg Custard Tart Recipe

Today we’ll be making Hong Kong style Egg Custard Tart using shortcrust pastry as its crust. It’s a simple version of English Tart served piping hot.


Hong Kong Tart Ingredients

(Serves 12)

For Butter Pastry:
1 egg, beaten
200g all-purpose flour
1 dash vanilla extract (optional)
50g confectioners’ sugar
100g butter, room-temperature

For Egg Filling:
3 eggs
80g sugar
100ml milk
100ml water

Hong Kong Tart Preparation

Making butter pastry:
Pre-heat oven to 450 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius). Mix flour and confectioner’s sugar. Use fork to mix butter into batter till it becomes small crumbs. Stir beaten egg with vanilla extract and pour into mixture. Mix into a dough.

Shape dough into 1.5 inch round-balls and press it into molds gently using your two thumbs to cover the bottom and sides thinly. Use a fork and poke holes into the crust. This allows steam to escape from crust’s bottom, thereby preventing air bubbles surfacing on egg tart surface.

Making Egg Filling:
Dissolve sugar in hot-boiling water and let it cool. Add eggs and milk into the liquid and mix them well. Sieve mixture twice to get a smooth egg filling before distributing egg filling into ready-made pastry molds.

Baking Egg Tarts:
Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and the filling will puff up a little. The egg should be wobbly to avoid overcooking it. Remove from oven and cool on the rack.

Serving Egg Tarts:
If you prefer egg tarts with cinnamon or ground nutmeg, sprinkle it on them.

Hong Kong Egg Tart Tips

The dough should be slightly moist. If its too dry, add more butter. If its too greasy, add more flour.

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