Edifier is a consumer audio speakers manufacturer headquartered in Beijing, China. The company specializes in computer speakers, home audio, home theater speakers and headphones. Currently a market leader in China and it is now a major international organization. Edifier Technology Co., Ltd., established in Beijing in 1996, and began to expand into international markets in 1997 while establishing its international headquarters and research center in British Columbia, Canada. Today, Edifier products are distributed in many countries and markets across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. In 2004, the company enhanced its commitment to acoustic research and development and product engineering by opening a research and design facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. Today Edifier is a multinational company, with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and Argentina, with manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Dong Guan, China. It also has distributors appointed in over 70 countries globally and over 3,000 employees producing more than eight million units annually. In December 2011 Edifier announced the acquisition of 100% equity in Japan-based Stax Earspeakers. Edifier manages R&D, product design and assembly, transducer design and manufacturing, tooling, final assembly and global marketing and sales for all Edifier branded products.

Edifier Series Catalog

  • H series: High-end Headphone (H690, H850)
  • K series: Headset (K680, K800, K830)
  • R series: Mainstream (R1900TV, R2000DB, R2730DB)
  • e series: Fashion (Luna Eclipse e25, Spinnaker e30)
  • M series: Mainstream Small-Sized (MP1386, M3200)
  • MP series: Portable (MP18, MP211, MP230)
  • C series: Mainstream External Amplifier (C2X, C3X, C6XD)
  • iF series: iPod docks (Bric Connect iF335BT)
  • DA series: Home Theater Mainstream (DA5100)
  • S series: Home Theater High-End (S530D, S730, S760D)
  • B series: Soundbar (CineSound B1, B3, B7)
  • CA series: Car Amplifier
  • CW series: Car Subwoofer

List of Edifier Products

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List of Edifier External Links

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Edifier USA – Bluetooth, Portable, Computer, Surround
Edifier Facebook Fan Club

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2 thoughts on “Edifier

  1. Gene Post author

    @catherine: Try contacting your local Edifier distributor to sell you a remote control for that Edifier Studio. I believe these spare parts are not shown for sale in pages such as Amazon.com

  2. catherine

    Edifier Aurora Passion Pink 2.1 Speakers System MP300 (1081018c)

    + £7.50 postage

    Edifier Studio remote control are missing so I am looking to to paying a new one but can not see one foe sale