DotA2 Pudge Skill Build Guide

Dota2 PudgeDotA2 Pudge (Butcher): In the Fields of Endless Carnage, far to the south of Quoidge, a corpulent figure works tirelessly through the night–dismembering, disembowelling, piling up the limbs and viscera of the fallen that the battlefield might be clear by dawn. In this cursed realm, nothing can decay or decompose; no corpse may ever return to the earth from which it sprang, no matter how deep you dig the grave. Flocked by carrion birds who need him to cut their meals into beak-sized chunks, Pudge the Butcher hones his skills with blades that grow sharper the longer he uses them. Swish, swish, thunk. Flesh falls from the bone; tendons and ligaments part like wet paper. And while he always had a taste for the butchery, over the ages, Pudge has developed a taste for its byproduct as well. Starting with a gobbet of muscle here, a sip of blood there…before long he was thrusting his jaws deep into the toughest of torsos, like a dog gnawing at rags. Even those who are beyond fearing the Reaper, fear the Butcher.

Pudge Overview

ROLE(S): Durable, Roamer, Disabler

Pudge Stats

STR: 105 at 25 (25 + 3.2/level)
AGI: 51.5 at 25 (14 + 1.5/level)
INT: 51.5 at 25 (14 + 1.5/level)
Health: 2449 at 25
Mana: 910 at 25
Damage: 52 – 58
Range: 128
Armor: 0.96
Movement: 285

Pudge Skills

Meat Hook Meat Hook (Active)
Targetting Method: Point | Allowed Targets: Any Unit
Launches a bloody hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Pudge and dealing damage if it is an enemy.
Cast Time: 0.3+0.43 / 0.46 / 0.5 / 0.53
Cast Range: 1000 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300
Max Travel Distance: 1000 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300
Hook Search Radius: 100
Damage: 90 / 180 / 270 / 360
Mana Cost: 110 / 120 / 130 / 140
Cooldown Time: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11


  • The Meat Hook travels at a speed of 1600.
  • The hook can hit units up to 1100 / 1200 / 1300 / 1400 range away (1000 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300 travel distance + 100 search radius).
  • Fully affects invisible units. Can also hit and drag invulnerable units, but won’t damage them.
  • The search radius is centered around the hook’s tip. Getting close to other parts of the hook has no effect.
  • Can only affects units while extending. Cannot affect any unit while retracting.
  • Cannot hit buildings, wards, couriers, ancient creeps, Roshan, siege creeps, Warlock Warlock’s Golem, Primal Split spirits and hidden units.
  • The hook flies through impassable terrain and trees. It also can drag units over them.
  • Hooked enemies are fully disabled for the entire pull duration. However, spell immune or invulnerable enemies are not disabled, and can attack, turn and cast spells or items.
  • Allies are never disabled. They also can freely act while being pulled by the hook.
  • Pudge is disabled during the cast backswing of Meat Hook.
  • Hooking a unit onto impassable terrain gives the unit free pathing for 5 seconds.
  • When the hook hits a unit, it provides 500 radius flying vision at the unit’s location upon hit for 4 seconds.
  • Spell immune units are dragged and damaged but not disabled.
Rot Rot (Toggle)
Targetting Method: Instant | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units/Self
A toxic cloud that deals intense damage and slows movement–harming not only enemy units but Pudge himself.
Cast Time: 0 + 0
Radius: 250
Damage per Second: 35 / 60 / 85 / 110
Move Speed Slow: 20 / 22 / 24 / 26%


  • Rot does not interrupt Pudge’s channeling spells upon toggling.
  • The damage to self is magical aswell, so it can be blocked with spell immunity. It also is lethal, so Pudge can deny himself with this ability.
  • This allows most cancelable consumables to persist through the first 3 levels of Rot, since its damage is too low to cancel them.
  • The area damage does not depend on the self afflicted damage. The area damage is still applied even when the damage on Pudge himself is blocked.
  • The slow is provided by an aura. This aura debuff lingers for 0.5 seconds, even if rot is toggled off.
  • Rot deals 7 / 12 / 17 / 22 damage in 0.2 second intervals. The time intervals are set for the whole game when Rot gets toggled the first time.
  • Every 0.2 seconds, Rot checks if Pudge has Rot active, and if that is the case, Pudge and all enemies which have the slow debuff from Pudge are damaged. Therefore:
  • It is possible to rapidly toggle Rot on and off several times to drastically reduce damage dealt/taken while still maintaining the slow.
  • Enemies that get out of range can still can get hit by 2 to 3 damage instances, as long as Pudge has Rot active.
  • Silencing or disabling Pudge does not turn Rot off, not even when hidden.
Flesh Heap Flesh Heap (Passive)
Gives Pudge resistance to magic damage, as well as bonus strength that increases each time Pudge kills an enemy Hero or it dies in his vicinity. Flesh Heap is retroactive, meaning it can gain charges before it is leveled, which then become active.
Enemy Death Radius: 450
Magic Resistance Bonus: 6% / 8% / 10% / 12%
Strength Bonus per Death: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5


  • The magic resistance stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance.
  • Increases Pudge’s total base magic resistance to 29.5% / 31% / 32.5% / 34%.
  • Only gains stacks from kills made with Meat Hook or when an enemy hero dies within the radius.
  • Pudge does not gain stacks if an enemy hero denies them self.
  • Does not gain stacks by killing heroes with other sources outside the radius (e.g. with Urn of Shadows, Shiva’s Guard, etc.).
  • Each Stack effectively grants Pudge 19 / 28.5 / 38 / 47.5 health, 0.03 / 0.045 / 0.06 / 0.075 health regeneration and 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 attack damage.
  • The number of stacks and amount of strength gained can be seen on the status buff icon.
  • Upon leveling Flesh Heap, all stacks adapt to its new level.
  • Upon gaining a stack, a red “+1” appears above Pudge’s head, indicating that he gained a stack.
Dismember Dismember (Active)
Targetting Method: Unit | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Pudge chows down on an enemy unit, disabling it and dealing damage over time. Lasts 3 seconds on Heroes, 6 seconds on creeps.
Cast Time: 0.3 + 0
Cast Range: 160
Hero Max Channel Time: 3
Non-Hero Max Channel Time: 6
Damage per second: 75 / 125 / 175
Own Strength as Damage: 0% (100%*)
Mana Cost: 100 / 130 / 170
Cooldown Time: 30


  • Dismember fully disables the target as long as it’s channeled.
  • Checks for invisibility on the target once upon cast. If it is invisible (this includes fade time), it will also provide true sight over it.
  • However, since Permanent Invisibility, Moonlight Shadow and Spin Web do not have fade time, but have fade delay, they are not registered as invisible units upon cast, so Dismember will not grant true sight over them.
  • Deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting immediatly upon cast, resulting in up to 3 (6 against non-heroes) damage instances.
  • Can deal up to 225 / 375 / 525 (450 / 750 / 1050 to non-heroes) (+ 300% of Pudge’s strength when having Aghanim’s Scepter) damage to the target (before reductions).
  • Dismember cancels almost every position changing effect upon cast.
  • The heal added by Aghanim’s Scepter is independent of the actual dealt damage. It will always heal for 75 / 125 / 175 + 100% of Pudge’s strength per interval.
  • Can heal up to 225 / 375 / 525 (450 / 750 / 1050 to non-heroes) (+ 300% of Pudge’s strength when having Aghanim’s Scepter) health when fully channeled.
  • Treats Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear, Visage’s Familiars, Warlock’s Golem and the Primal Split spirits as heroes and ancient creeps and Roshan as creeps.
  • Pudge’s Dismember responses are global and audible to everyone, even through the Fog of War.

Pudge Skill Build Guide

  1. Rot (1)
  2. Meat Hook (1)
  3. Meat Hook (2)
  4. Rot (2)
  5. Meat Hook (3)
  6. Dismember (1)
  7. Meat Hook (MAX)
  8. Rot (3)
  9. Rot (MAX)
  10. Flesh Heap (1)
  11. Dismember (2)
  12. Flesh Heap (2)
  13. Flesh Heap (3)
  14. Flesh Heap (4)
  15. Stats (1)
  16. Dismember (MAX)
  17. Stats (MAX)

Pudge Item Build Guide

Starting Items

  1. Gauntlets of Strength x2
  2. Iron Branch
  3. Tango
  4. Healing Salve
  5. Iron Branch

Early Game

  1. Boots of Speed
  2. Bottle
  3. Magic Wand
  4. Urns of Shadow

Mid Game

  1. Boots of Travel
  2. Power Threads
  3. Observer Wand
  4. Gem of True Sight
  5. Smoke of Deceit
  6. Phase Boots
  7. Arcane Boots
  8. Sentry Ward
  9. Town Portal Scroll

Late Game


  1. Pipe of Insight
  2. Black King Bar
  3. Shiva’s Guard
  4. Heart of Tarrasque
  5. Assault Cuirass
  6. Force Staff
  7. Ghost Scepter
  8. Blink Dagger
  9. Aghanim’s Scepter

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