DotA2 Phoenix Skill Build Guide

Dota2 PhoenixDotA2 Phoenix (Icarus): Alone across an untouched darkness gleamed the Keeper’s first sun, a singular point of conscious light fated to spread warmth into the empty void. Through aeons beyond count this blinding beacon set to coalescing its incalculable energy before bursting forth the cataclysmic flare of supernova. From this inferno raced new beacons, star progeny identical to its parent, who journeyed an unlit ocean and settled in constellatory array. In time, they too would be made to propagate through supernova flame. So would this dazzling cycle of birth and rebirth repeat until all skies hewn of Titan toil deigned to twinkle and shine. By this ageless crucible the star that mortals would come to call Phoenix collapsed into being, and like its ancestors was thrust into an endless cosmos to find a place among its stellar brethren. Yet curiosity toward that which the dimming elders comfort in the darkness consumed the fledgling, and so over long cycles it inquired and studied. It learned that among worlds both whole and broken would soon stir a nexus of remarkable variety locked in an enduring conflict of cosmic consequence, a plane which would find itself in need of more influence than a dying sun’s distant rays could provide. Thus this infant son of suns took terrestrial form, eagerly travelling to shine its warmth upon those who may need it most, and perhaps seize upon its solar destiny.

Phoenix Overview

Faction: The Radiant
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Ranged
Role(s): Ganker, Support

Phoenix Stats

STR: 91.5 at 25 (19 + 2.9/level)
AGI: 44.5 at 25 (12 + 1.3/level)
INT: 63 at 25 (18 + 1.8/level)
Health: 1822 at 25
Mana: 793 at 25
Damage: 54 – 64
Range: 500
Movement: 290

Phoenix Skills

Icarus Dive Icarus Dive (Active)
Targetting Method: Point | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Phoenix dives forward in an arc with a fixed distance in the targeted direction, dealing damage over time and slowing the movement speed of any units it comes into contact with, and then orbiting back to his original position. If Phoenix casts Supernova, the dive ends. Costs 15% of current health to cast.
Range: 1400
Area of Effect: 200
Width: 500
Duration: 4
Damage Per Second: 10 / 30 / 50 / 70
Movement Slow: 25%
Health Cost: 15% of Current health
Cooldown Time: 36


  • Icarus Dive will be interrupted if Phoenix is stunned.
  • Phoenix can attack, use items, and abilities (except Sun Ray; trying to use it will waste cooldown) while Diving.
  • The health cost (15% of current health) is direct HP removal.
  • Total damage : {40/120/200/280}.
  • Does not disjoint projectiles, and Phoenix is still vulnerable while Diving.
  • Has a cast point of 0.2.
Fire Spirits Fire Spirits (Active)
Targetting Method: Instant | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Summons 4 fire spirits that circle around you. Each spirit can be launched independently at a targeted area of effect. Affected enemy units take damage over time and have their attack speed greatly reduced.
Damage Per Second: 10 / 30 / 50 / 70
Attack Speed Reduction: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140
Duration: 4
Radius: 175
Cast Range: 1400
Fire Spirits Duration: 16
Fire Spirits Flight Speed: 900
HP Cost: 20% of Current HP
Mana Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110
Cooldown Time: 45 / 40 / 35 / 30


  • Can be cast during Icarus Dive.
  • The Health cost (20% of current health) is direct HP removal.
  • Spirit impact doesn’t stack, just refreshes duration. Does not affect Magic Immune enemies, and can be dispelled.
  • Total damage per spirit : 40 / 120 / 200 / 280.
  • Does not affect Roshan.
Sun Ray Sun Ray (Active)
Targetting Method: Point | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Drawing from its own inner fire, Phoenix expels a huge beam of light at the cost of its own life energy. The beam damages enemies for a percentage of their life and heals allies for half the amount. Damage scales up to twice the initial damage as the beam fires.
Range: 1300
Duration: 6
Initial Damage: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4% Max HP per second (Allies are healed for half the amount)
Radius: 130
HP Cost: 6% of current HP per second
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown Time: 20


  • The health cost (6% of current health per second) is direct HP removal.
  • Sun Ray ends if Phoenix is stunned, silenced, or purged by an enemy.
  • Phoenix can turn in place while Sun Ray is active.
  • While Sun Ray is active, Phoenix cannot use items that require a target point such as [Blink Dagger. Self target items such as Shadow Blade or player targeted items such as Dagon or self-centered area of effect items such as Mekansm still work. Phoenix’s other abilities are usable as well.
  • The damage is not fixed to the base amount for the entire duration of the beam, but it scales up to twice the initial value: this means that every second it increases by one fifth of the initial damage.
  • Maximum damage : {135/180/225/270 + 9/18/27/36%} Max Health.
  • Maximum healing : {67.5/90/112.5/135 + 4.5/9/13.5/18%} Max Health.
Supernova Supernova (Active)
Targetting Method: Instant | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
The Phoenix willingly ends its current life for the chance to be reborn. Transforms into a burning sun that scorches enemies in a huge area. The sun can be destroyed by attacks from enemy Heroes. After 6 seconds the sun explodes, stunning all nearby enemies while restoring Phoenix to full health and mana with refreshed abilities.
Radius: 1000
Supernova Duration: 6
Stun Duration: 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5
Damage per Second: 60 / 80 / 100
Hero Attacks to kill Sun: 5 / 8 / 11
Mana Cost: 200 Cooldown Time: 110


  • All other ability cooldowns are refreshed if reborn successfully.
  • Only attacks from heroes ( Meepo clones included, but not illusions) can damage the sun.
  • No ability can affect the sun.
  • Phoenix is paused, hidden and invulnerable for the duration of Supernova.
  • Phoenix cannot use abilities or items; However, any auras Phoenix has remains active.
  • Maximum damage: {360/480/600}.
  • The sun can be denied once it drops below 50% hp. Phoenix will still die if the sun is destroyed by an ally, but will not reward enemy heroes with gold or exp.
  • Any buffs Phoenix has before activation will remain until the end, except for Fire Spirits.

Phoenix Skill Build Guide

  1. Icarus Dive (1)
  2. Fire Spirits (1)
  3. Sun Ray (1)
  4. Fire Spirits (2)
  5. Fire Spirits (3)
  6. Supernova (1)
  7. Fire Spirits (MAX)
  8. Sun Ray (2)
  9. Sun Ray (3)
  10. Sun Ray (MAX)
  11. Supernova (2)
  12. Icarus Dive (2)
  13. Icarus Dive (3)
  14. Icarus Dive (MAX)
  15. Stats (1)
  16. Supernova (MAX)
  17. Stats (MAX)

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