DotA2 Night Stalker Skill Build Guide

Dota2 Night StalkerDotA2 Night Stalker (Balanar): Of the Night Stalker, there is no history, only stories. There are ancient tales woven into the lore of every race and every culture, of an impossible time before sunlight and daytime, when night reigned alone and the world was covered with the creatures of darkness, creatures like Balanar the Night Stalker. It is said that on the dawn of the First Day, all the night creatures perished. All, that is, save one. Evil’s embodiment, Night Stalker delights in his malevolence. He created the primal role of the Night Terror, the Boogeyman, and as long as there have been younglings, his is the specter summoned to terrify them. This is a role he relishes, nor are these empty theatrics. He does indeed stalk the unwary, the defenseless, those who have strayed beyond the lighted paths or denied the warnings of their communities. Night Stalker serves as living proof that every child’s worst nightmare….is true.

Night Stalker Overview

Faction: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Melee
Role(s): Carry, Initiator, Roamer, Durable

Night Stalker Stats

STR: 93 at 25 (23 + 2.8/level)
AGI: 74.25 at 25 (18 + 2.25/level)
INT: 56 at 25 (16 + 1.6/level)
Health: 2240 at 25
Mana: 962 at 25
Damage: 61 – 65
Range: 128
Armor: 5.52
Movement: 295

Night Stalker Skills

Void Void (Active)
Targetting Method: Unit | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Creates a damaging void that slows an enemy unit and deals damage. Void also mini-stuns, interrupting channeling abilities. The slowing effect lasts longer at night.
Day Duration: 2
Night Duration: 4
Move Slow: 50%
Attack Slow: 50%
Damage: 90 / 160 / 255 / 335
Range: 525
Mana Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110
Cooldown Time: 8
Crippling Fear Crippling Fear (Active)
Targetting Method: Unit | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Night Stalker horrifies the target enemy Hero, causing it to miss attacks and become silenced. The effect lasts longer at night.
Day Duration: 3
Night Duration: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Day Chance to Miss: 10%
Night Chance to Miss: 50%
Range: 500
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown Time: 12
Hunter in the Night Hunter in the Night (Passive)
Allowed Targets: Enemy units
When attacked, Axe performs a helix counter attack, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
Radius: 275
Chance to Helix: 20%
Damage: 100 / 135 / 170 / 205
Cooldown Time: 0.45 / 0.4 / 0.35 / 0.3


  • Partially usable by illusions. Illusions will receive the increased movement speed, but not the increased attack speed.
Darkness Darkness (Active)
Targetting Method: Instant | Allowed Targets: Self
Night Stalker smothers the sun and summons instant darkness, so that he might use his powers at their fullest. When used at night, it extends night time by Darkness’ duration.
Duration: 50
Cooldown Time: 160 / 120 / 80


  • Can be Improved by Aghanim’s Scepter (* shows the improved values). Grants unobstructed vision in the night. The improved vision does not depend on using Darkness.
  • In contrast to how Aghanim’s Scepter works with most other heroes, this improvement theoretically does not have anything to do with his ultimate ( Darkness), but instead is more closely related to his passive ( Hunter in the Night) due to the upgrade being active whenever the passive is, However Darkness will need to be leveled at least once in order to actually utilize the upgraded vision.
  • Darkness causes enemy vision to be reduced to 675.

Night Stalker Skill Build Guide

  1. Void (1)
  2. Hunter in the Night (1)
  3. Void (2)
  4. Hunter in the Night (2)
  5. Void (3)
  6. Darkness (1)
  7. Void (MAX)
  8. Hunter in the Night (3)
  9. Crippling Fear (1)
  10. Hunter in the Night (MAX)
  11. Darkness (2)
  12. Crippling Fear (2)
  13. Crippling Fear (3)
  14. Crippling Fear (MAX)
  15. Stats (1)
  16. Darkness (MAX)
  17. Stats (MAX)

Night Stalker Item Build Guide

Starting Items

  1. Tango
  2. Clarity
  3. Iron Branch
  4. Quelling Blade
  5. Healing Salve
  6. Gauntlets of Strength

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