DotA2 Clinkz Skill Build Guide

Dota2 ClinkzDotA2 Clinkz (Bone Fletcher): At the base of the Bleeding Hills stretches a thousand-league wood—a place called The Hoven, where black pools gather the tarry blood of the uplands, and the king-mage Sutherex sits in benevolent rule. Once a sworn protector of the Hoven lands, Clinkz earned a reputation for his skill with a bow. In the three-hundredth year of the king-mage, the demon Maraxiform rose from sixth hell to lay claim to the forest. In response, the king-mage decried an unbreakable spell: to any who slew the demon would be granted Life Without End. Unaware of the spell, Clinkz waded into battle, defending his lands against the demon’s fiery onslaught. Clinkz drove Maraxiform back to the gates of sixth-hell itself, where on that fiery threshold the two locked in a mortal conflict. Grievously wounded, the demon let out a blast of hellfire as Clinkz loosed his final arrow. The arrow struck the demon true as hellfire poured out across the land, lighting the black pools and burning Clinkz alive at the instant of the demon’s death. Thus, the mage’s spell took effect at the very moment of the archer’s conflagration, preserving him in this unholy state, leaving him a being of bones and rage, caught in the very act of dying, carrying hell’s breathe with him on his journey into eternity.

Clinkz Overview

ROLE(S): Carry, Pusher, Escape

Clinkz Stats

STR: 55 at 25 (15 + 1.6/level)
AGI: 97 at 25 (22 + 3/level)
INT: 54.75 at 25 (16 + 1.55/level)
Health: 1537 at 25
Mana: 949 at 25
Damage: 37 – 43
Range: 630
Armor: 2.08
Movement: 300

Clinkz Skills

Strafe Strafe (Active)
Targetting Method: None | Allowed Targets: Self
Clinkz attacks with a barrage of arrows. Dramatically increases attack speed for a short time.
Duration: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10
Bonus Attack Speed: 130
Mana Cost: 90 Cooldown Time: 45 / 40 / 35 / 30


  • Clinkz will produce an animation for the duration of the spell, showing that it’s currently active.
Searing Arrows Searing Arrows (Active)
Targetting Method: Unit | Allowed Targets: Enemy Units and Structures
Imbues Clinkz’s arrows with fire for extra damage.
Range: 600
Bonus Damage: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
Mana Cost: 10


  • Works on mechanical units, such as towers and siege units.
  • Works on magic immune units.
Skeleton Walk Skeleton Walk (Active)
Targetting Method: Instant | Allowed Targets: Self
Clinkz moves invisibly through units until the moment he attacks or uses an ability.
Fade Time: 0.6
Duration: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35
Bonus Movement Speed: 11% / 22% / 33% / 44%
Mana Cost: 75 Cooldown Time: 20 / 19 / 18 / 17


  • Clinkz can go through units when under the effects of Skeleton Walk.
  • Will not interrupt most channeling abilities or items upon activation.
  • When attacking, invisibility is broken before the projectile reaches the target.
Death Pact Death Pact (Active)
Targetting Method: Unit | Allowed Targets: Any Unit (not heroes)
Clinkz consumes the target friendly or enemy creep, gaining a percent of its HP as max health and damage.
Range: 400
Duration: 35
Bonus HP Capacity: 50% / 65% / 80% of the killed unit’s current HP
Bonus Damage: 5% / 6.5% / 8% of the killed unit’s current HP
Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown Time: 45 / 35 / 25


  • If the target is an enemy or neutral unit, it will count as a creep kill and give Clinkz the correct gold and experience bounty.
  • When the duration ends, the maximum HP returns to normal, but Clinkz’s current HP remains the same. If his HP is greater than his normal maximum, it will be set to his maximum.
  • It can target a Mud Golem, but not Ancient creeps.
  • When used with the neutral jungle creeps with the maximum amount of hp possible of 1100, Clinkz will gain 550/715/880 HP and 55/72/88 damage.
  • Bonus damage is considered Clinkz’s base damage.

Clinkz Skill Build Guide

  1. Searing Arrows (1)
  2. Skeleton Walk (1)
  3. Searing Arrows (2)
  4. Strafe (1)
  5. Searing Arrows (3)
  6. Death Pact (1)
  7. Searing Arrows (MAX)
  8. Skeleton Walk (2)
  9. Skeleton Walk (3)
  10. Skeleton Walk (MAX)
  11. Death Pact (2)
  12. Strafe (2)
  13. Strafe (3)
  14. Strafe (MAX)
  15. Stats (1)
  16. Death Pact (MAX)
  17. Stats (MAX)

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