Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough Guide

Disaster Will Strike is a puzzle physics game where you destroy eggs by summoning natural disasters such as earthquakes, whirlwind (tornado), landslide, angry bees and blazing meteor (thunderball). This game offers 25 challenging levels with a set of catastrophe you can bring forth. View Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough Guide if you are stuck on a particular level.

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Disaster Will Strike Level Guide

Symbols: E-Earthquake / W-Whirlwind / L-Landslide / B-Bees / M-Meteor
Level 1 – 5
Level 6 – 10
Level 11 – 15
Level 16 – 20
Level 21 – 25

Disaster Will Strike Screenshots

Main Menu displays 6 buttons (4 of which points to the sponsor site: NotDoppler.com, More Games, Highscore and Add to Web) which is redundant and not useful. The other 2 are Play and Credits.

Level Menu displays 25 levels, some introduces new types of disasters and how to use them. Some disasters works best against an object. Example: Meteor works on Bricks/Woods/Glass. Earthquake works only on Glass. Landslides works on earth and not stone-bricks foundations. Wind manipulate move-able objects.

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