Demons vs Fairyland Walkthrough

Demons vs Fairyland is a tower defense game with a combination of Cursed Treasure, Gemcraft and Kingdom Rush. The game objective is to protect the kids of Fairyland from being kidnapped by evil people. Setup various towers, raise a skeleton army, command powerful beasts and summoned zombies, manipulate your enemies to defeat these pursuers. Demons vs Fairyland offers 30 unlockable skills, 56 achievements, customisable difficulty and a branch upgrade for each tower type. These towers can only be place near a supporting tower of the same type. For example: building a haunted cabin near cemetery.

Play Online: Demons vs Fairyland
Watch Normal Mode Video Guide (3 Bronze Stars)
Watch Very Hard Mode Video Guide (3 Diamond Stars)

Game Controls:
Mouse only
[P] – pause
HOLD [SHIFT] to build several towers of the same kind
HOLD [SHIFT] to keep a tower selected after upgrading
1 – select / unselect firebolt
2 – select / unselect chain lightning
3 – select / unselect zombies
F1 – Pause Game
F2 – 1x Game Speed
F3 – 2x Game Speed
F4 – 3x Game Speed

Building Shortcut Keys
Z – Energy Well
X – Puddle of the Beast
Y – Totem of Energy
Q – Cemtery
W – Haunted Cabin
E – Totem of Wealth
A – Archer Training Camp
S – Watchtower
D – Totem of Accuracy

Demons vs Fairyland Strategy

Most levels can be completed purely with 4 Watchtowers (upgraded to Bastion of Venom) and 2 Puddle of the Beast (upgraded to Abyss of Manipulation) supported by their respective totems. Get Mind Freeze to slow mobs of enemies especially the ones who are buffed with high movement speed by the magical imps. Also get Mind Switch to temporarily turn an enemy into an ally. This way, you save on your zombies and skeletons from dying too quickly. For Bastion of Venom, only upgrade Poisoned Arrows to kill enemy a little faster. Corrosive Arrows is useless since you want to kill enemies fast instead of reducing their weapon damage. Once you have got your Archer Towers to Bastion of Venom, Puddle of the Beast to Abyss of Manipulation, build 3 Haunted Cabins and upgrade them to Archer Camp. Why archer instead of footman? Both die easily when attacked by teddy bears or champions in 1-3 hits, whereas archers can attack enemies from far while stealing their money without getting hurt.

1. Don’t forget to use your spells.
2. Skeletons work best near a ranged tower to delay enemy from proceeding.
3. Find the game too easy ? Customize the difficulty settings !
4. Start by adding points into Archer Tier followed by Magician Tier.

List of Tower Upgrade

1. Cemetery > Cursed Cemetery
2. Haunted Cabin > Haunted House > Haunted Manor > (Bully / Arrow) Camp.
3. Archer Training Camp > Archer University.
4. Watch Tower > Fortified Tower > War Tower > (Citadel of Frost / Bastion of Venom)
5. Energy Well > Energy Chasm
6. Puddle of the Beast > Pool of the Monster > Pit of the Goliath > Abyss of (Darkness / Manipulation)

Cemetery : Allows to build Haunted Cabin within its vicinity.
Cursed Cemetery : Add 1 soldier to each Haunted Cabin.
Haunted Cabin : Summon skeleton (400 HP, 20 Damage)
Haunted House : Enhances stat (750 HP, 50 Damage)
Haunted Manor : Enhances stat (900 HP, 70 Damage)
Energy Well : Allows to build Puddle of the Beast within its vicinity.
Energy Chasm : Improves Puddle of the Beast’s fire rate.
Puddle of the Beast : Fires energy balls (120 Damage, 200 Range, 1.79 sec cooldown)
Pool of the Monster : Enhance Stats (200 Damage, 220 Range, 1.61 sec cooldown)
Pit of the Goliath : Enhances Stats (280 Damage, 240 Range, 1.61 sec cooldown)
Archer Training Camp : Allows to build Watchtower within its vicinity.
Archer University : Increases Watchtower’s range by 28 within its vicinity.
Watch Tower : Fires arrow at enemy (60 Damage, 190 Range, 0.55 sec cooldown)
Fortified Tower : Enhances Watch Tower (98 Damage, 241 Range, 0.53 sec cooldown)
War Tower : Enhances Fortified Tower (134 Damage, 253 Range, 0.53 sec cooldown)

Tower Upgrade Build Guide

The term max here refers to adding skill points (SP) to a skill until its full. First, max Pillage for more starting gold. Next, max Archer Tower Upgrades (Frenzy, Architect, Influential Research, Independence, Breakthrough). You will need to add some SP into Mana Mastery and Wellfed Kids to unlock those Archer Upgrades. Once that is done, max out all the skills in Magician Tier to gain the +40% Damage to Troops and Towers. Max

+5 Pillage (15% more starting gold)
+1 Fake Kid (To distract enemy from kidnapping the real kid)
+5 Mana Mastery (50% faster mana regenerates)
+1 Wellfed Kids (-10% Enemy speed when followed by kids)
+5 Frenzy (Watchtowers have 30% chance to make a critical hit +30% Damage)
+2 Influential Research (Area of Effect +2 slots for Totem of Accuracy)
+5 Architect (-15% cost of Watchtowers)
+5 Breakthrough (+10% Damage and Fire Rate to nearby Watchtowers)
+1 Independence (Increase the coverage of Archer Camp by 1)
+2 Mana Well (+80 Mana Capacity)
+1 Good Care (Kids return after xxx seconds)
+1 Beefy Zombies
+5 Corrosion
+2 Propagation
+5 Fluent With Magic
+1 Diffuse Energy
+4 Beefy Zombies
+5 Widespread Disease
+2 Strength In Numbers.
*Once you complete the 3 Bronze Ring (Normal Mode), farm EXP (Experience Points) by replaying Level 12 again until you are able to max out all the skills.

Demons vs Fairyland (Normal Mode) Playthrough Guide

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

Mission 7

Mission 8

Mission 9

Mission 10

Mission 11

Mission 12

Demons vs Fairyland (Very Hard Mode) Playthrough Guide

Mission 6 (3 Diamond Stars)

Mission 7 (3 Diamond Stars)

Mission 8 (3 Diamond Stars)

Mission 9 (3 Diamond Stars)

Mission 10 (3 Diamond Stars)

Mission 11 (3 Diamond Stars)

Mission 12 (3 Diamond Stars)

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    Use all your skill points into the 3rd category. It also boost your base damage for all your troops and towers.

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