Defender’s Quest Walkthrough Guide

Defender Quest a is hybrid of RPG and Tower Defense game. You create a party of characters that acts as towers in the battlefield to defend you, the royal librarian wizard! This game displays engaging story, colorful characters and allows you to customize your party members with variety of skills and powerful equipment.

Defender Quest Level Guide

Skill Build for Berserker, Knight, Ranger, Healer, Ice Mage and Dragon.
Level 1 – The Halfway World
Level 2 – Caravan of the Dead
Level 3 – The Coliseum
Level 4 – Return to the Coliseum
Level 5 – River Escape
Level 6 – The Battle of Karsk
Level 7 – Old Friends, New Enemies
Level 8 – The Monastery Gates
Level 9 – The Monastery Ascension
Level 10 – Travelling to the Hospital
Level 11 – Attack at the Hospital
Level 12 – Desert Stronghold Entrance
Level 13 – Night of the Living Knights
Level 14 – Armor Shmarmor
Level 15 – Deeper into the Stronghold
Level 16 – Unwelcome Guests
Level 17 – Defend the Nest
Level 18 – Storm the Sheep
Level 19 – The Royal Records Room
Level 20 – Tunnel Escape
Level 21 – Detonate the Mines
Level 22 – Zelemir Appears
Level 23 – Eztli-Tenoch’s Forces
Level 24 – Realm of the Wizard
Level 25 – The Halls of the God King
Level 26 – A Desperate Dash of Freedom
Level 27 – Eztli-Tenoch’s Right Hand
Level 28 – The Way Out
Level 29 – Following Zelemir
Level 30 – Zelemir’s Army
Level 31 – The Face of Madness
Level 32 – The God King Walks Again

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13 thoughts on “Defender’s Quest Walkthrough Guide

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks dmachine for your feedback! I have already uninstalled the game, therefore I could not post a Play+ walkthrough for Defender’s Quest :)

  2. dmachine

    Play + actually adds a lot to the game (there’s new levels, and you can get upgrades to the unique weapons). I’ve cleared everything but “The God-King Walks Again” in extreme in Play +. It’s quite challenging, but Play + is actually quite fun if you haven’t played it yet. Great walkthrough by the way, for the rest of the game.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi dmachine, I have not made any walkthrough in Play+ because its basically the same game. Not sure how difficult it is in that mode though.

  4. dmachine

    Do you have a walkthrough on how to beat it in Play +? That’s the only thing left in my save game to do, but I can’t seem to beat it.

  5. jojstin

    I can’t beat this one extreme, is it possible to come back to it like at the end of the game? currently all my chars are like lvl 13ish I think, and I beat the previous level on extreme with ease, but I can’t reall boost my chars anymore because exp is super slow, thanks!

  6. Brian Roachell

    Never mind, I finally got my bleed and poison up and got chill maxed and beat the super sheep on hero mode with only the original six people. I alternated the ice mage with the berserker while being buffed by the cleric with the archer following along in the buff zone. Used the dragon on the sheep with only claw boost on. After I made the first corner I just started alternating the berserker with the knight on the first row keeping them buffed. The sheep barely made it to the second corner… lol

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    To be more specific on how to win the Super Sheep Mission, get at least 6 archers preferably level 30 and above with weapons bought from Dragon’s Lair with bleed, poison, crit, rapid shot, and range upgrades. 1 Ice Mage with max Chill and Librarian with max Frenzy. Spam Frenzy when you have it available to double the archers attacking speed.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Brian Roachell, all of your heroes must be very high level (at least above level 30). Use 3 Ice Mages with Chill Skill maxed to slow down the sheep movement, otherwise it reaches the exit too fast. Place your arhcers at corner or places where it can cover a wide area of the sheep path with MAX power. All of these soldiers need to be reposition when the Super Sheep goes out of their range. Don’t use Dragon because its Fire Breath cancels out the Chill/Slow Effect from Super Sheep. Repeat this steps and you can eliminate it under 3/4 of the path walked by the Super Sheep.

  9. Brian Roachell

    I am having trouble killing the super sheep on level 18 extreme. What is the secret?

    I would appreciate any help you can give me… Thanks.


  10. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nessa, what do you mean by leaving uninjured? You can always heal yourself and your team with a Cleric/Healer nearby. Otherwise, position tons of long-range attackers away from the road (at least 1 block for melee attackers or 3 blocks away from monster who has magical range attacks).

  11. Nessa

    hi i was wondering if there was a trick to beating the bonus levels? i beat them ( as in leave uninjured) and i still apperently fail. Is it a glitch or is there something i should know?

  12. Dustin1280

    Ehh… nevermind, I just had to experiment a bit, I just finished all of them.
    Thanks anyways though, this site was a huge help.

  13. Dustin1280

    Awesome guide! It has helped me extreme mode many of the levels.
    But so far I have been unsuccessful at beating the following levels on extreme:
    Level 18 – Storm the Sheep
    Level 27 – Eztli-Tenoch’s Right Hand
    Level 31 – The Face of Madness
    Level 32 – The God King Walks Again

    My characters are all around 35+ (my main characters are 40) and I have the best store bought weapons/armor. I also have all the uniques you can get except for those 4 levels.
    Looking forward to either a response, or when you add the extreme guides.

    Thanks again!