Cube Mayhem Walkthrough Guide

Cube Mayhem is a cube puzzle game where the objective is to guide a cube to the exit by placing a variety of command tiles at the right locations. This game offers 22 challenging levels and 10 unique types of tiles. View Cube Mayhem Walkthrough Guide below to solve each puzzle! Mouse is used for everything. Remove tiles by clicking on them.

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Cube Mayhem Level Guide

01 Introduction
02 Shifting Around
03 Winding Passage
04 Teleporting

05 Loop Around
06 Back and Forth
07 Tile Restriction
08 Hit The Button
09 Challenge Level #1
10 Right Turn

11 Three Rights Make a Left
12 Challenge Level #2
13 Fade Away
14 Fading Titles
15 Fish
16 Clones

17 More Clones
18 Challenge Level #3
19 Explosive Cube
20 More Exploding
21 Paint the Cube
22 Challenge Level #4

Cube Mayhem Command Tiles

Orange Arrow redirects cube to a specific direction
Blue Arrow moves cube without changing its direction.
Green Arrow rotates cube clockwise once.
Pink Arrow creates a cube clone and redirect it to a specific direction.
Purple Tile teleports a cube to the other purple tile.

Cube Mayhem Screenshots

Main Menu displays 5 options: Start, Options, Credits, Walkthrough and Play More Games. Clicking on more games redirects you to who sponsors this game. The walkthrough leads you to a video playthrough. You could opt for picture guides posted here which is much faster to get to the level you have trouble with.
Cube Mayhem Main Menu

Credits list the people involve in this game development! Created by Kevin Gu, Music by Kevin MacLead, Sounds by and special thanks to Amanda L. Anho L. and David Z.
Cube Mayhem Credits

Options Menu only allows you to turn on/off the background music and sound effects. It does not allow user to change the quality of the game. The game lags when I have something working on the background such as videos encoding.
Cube Mayhem Options Menu

Level Menu displays 22 levels, each progressively becoming more challenging while introducing new command tiles that keeps the user engage in game. You will need to complete a level to unlock next level.
Cube Mayhem level Menu

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