Cloudstone Guide

Cloudstone is a RPG Game where you can play a mix role of Warrior, Monk and Wizard. Each role has special unique abilities with only level-restricted equipment. This game offers multiple maps for you to clear and boss raid with a summoned ally. Each monster drops special items that can be use to forge items via Contract Quests.

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Cloudstone Big update!

Energy is no longer required to play zones and Help Wanted board missions. PvP still requires energy. Island zone replays now have 20 minute cooldowns to promote zone play variety in light of no energy. Energy renamed to vigor. You can now use vigor to activate these timed boosts: bonus shard drops, bonus monster xp, increased gold drops. Monster xp increased by a lot. Mission and quest xp rewards lowered to compensate. Monster coin drops increased by a lot. Mission and quest coin rewards lowered to compensate. Leveling curve past 28 rebalanced, should be smoother now. Champion shard drops rebalanced in light of energy change and boosts.

Cloudstone Tips

Survivability: Use all warrior armor and one-hand staff/wand (Speed: Fast) with a shield. This will allow you to survive much longer compared to all builds in PvE (Player versus Environment). I have tested with melee build which are sword and claw but both failed miserably against monsters which are 2-3 levels higher than you especially in Gauntlet areas or higher level maps. Once you have those equips, try to complete maps that rewards helm + gauntlet + pants + top +
Ally: Grab as many allies as you can as they can help you defeat monsters except for bosses in Gauntlet Stages of a map. It’s best to get Wizard or Monks since the monk type has the self-healing ability while Wizard has cool powerful skills to defeat multiple enemies while attacking safely from far.
Skill Build: Get Healbomb (Monk Skill) followed by Spiketopus + Flame Strike (Wizard Skill). Healbomb is super useful, just lure all the monsters nearby and execute a healbomb. If that doesn’t kill all the mobs, then casts a Spiketopus to stun and freeze them. Flame Strike is similar to Spiketopus but has longer delay but more damage.

Cloudstone Formula

3 Armor Rating = -1% Enemy Damage Absorbed.
9 Critical Rating = +1% Critical Rate.

Mushroom Glades: Gather 20 Reagents (Magical Mushrooms) Reward: Mushroom Cap Shield (Shield)
Farm Villians: Protect Potato for 2 minutes. Gauntlet Reward: Woodsman Chauses (Pants)
Another Farm: Find the Farmer. Gauntlet Reward: Woodsman Boots. This level has lots of grass enemies and few trees to knock down.
Potato Farm: Cure the sick Potatoes before timer timeout. Gauntlet Reward: Pitchfork (Main Hand)
Muddy Water: Destory 40 Mudwaters. Gauntlet Reward: Woodsman Gloves.
Houses of Mouses: Kill 30 Rodents. Gauntlet Reward: Button Mashers (Box Weapon)
Mom and Pop Shop: Stay alive in 3 minutes. Gauntlet Reward: Woodsman Cuirass (Armor)
Stonebrook: Defend the trapped for 1 minute 30 seconds. Gauntlet Reward: Huntsman Cuirass (Armor)
Frigid Falls Forest: Find the Dragon Boar. Gauntlet Reward: Blooming Wand (Wiz Weapon – 1Hand)
Mudlands: Defeat 3 bosses. Gauntlet Reward: Woodsman Hat (Helm)

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