Classic Job Interview Tips

Hi guys, I’m going to give you some helpful tips on how to ace your next job interview! There are many typical questions in interview that can trip you up. However, with pre-planning you can learn to answer them with confidence. Here are four of the most difficult questions :

Tell me about yourself?
This is often the first question you get asked, and although it may seem innocuous, it can really throw you off guard if you haven’t already thought about it. It is important to give a good balanced answer to this question, not a life history. The preparation is very important. Don’t go into too much detail, up to 5 minutes is fine. Begin with an overview of your highest qualification, then run through the jobs you have held so far in your career. You can roughly follow the same structure of your CV (Curriculum Vitae), giving examples of achievements and skills you have picked up along the way. Your interviewer would probably take notes and also ask you to expand on any areas they like more information. If this is your first job then focus on those areas of study you most enjoy and explain how this has led you to wanting this role.

What is your biggest weakness?
The dreaded question which is best handled by picking something that you made a positive step to re-address. For example, if your IT (Information Technology) ability is not at the level it could be, state it as a weakness but tell the interviewer about training courses or time spent outside work hours you’ve used to improve your skills. Your initiative could actually be perceived a strength! On no accounts say “I don’t have any weaknesses” (your interviewer will not believe you) OR “I have a tendency to work to hard” which is seen as avoiding the question.

Why should we hire you?
What makes you special and where do your major strengths lie? You should be able to find out what they are looking for from the job description : “I have a unique combination of strong technical skills and the ability to build long-term customer relationships.” is a good opening sentence! It is then important to lead onto a more specific example or something you have done so far in your career to support your statement. State your biggest achievement and the benefit that it made to the business, then finish it with “Given the opportunity, I could bring this success to your company.”

Why do you want the job?
The interviewer is listening for an answer that indicates you have given some thought. If you have prepared for the interview properly, you should have a good inside knowledge of a company’s value, mission statement, development plans and products. Use this information to describe your goals and ambitions matches that company thoughts and how you would relish the opportunity to work for them. Never utter the phrase “I just need a job.”

I hope you found this advice useful! For more hints and tips, browse through the other articles posted here on 🙂

p.s. Don’t go answering interviewer with blunt answer such as:
My biggest weakness is that I can’t tolerate silly interviewers who always asks idiotic questions. You should hire me because otherwise I’ll sue you for gender discrimination. My biggest achievement is that no one noticed the Photoshop on my fake University degree. And I want the job because I got tired being in the Mafia and I’m trying a career change.

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