Cat Around The World Walkthrough Guide

Cat Around The World is a physics-puzzle game where you help kitty cat to get its nutritious meal from all over the world. Travel to USA, France, Egypt, Japan, Australia and other countries to taste most popular and exquisite dishes served there. View Cat Around The World Walkthrough Guide if you are stuck in a particular level.

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Cat Around The World Level Guide

USA, New York – Statue of Liberty (Level 1-5)
France, Paris – Eiffel Tower (Level 6-10)
Egypt, Cairo – Sphinx (Level 11-15)
Japan, Himeji – Himeji Castle (Level 16-20)
Australia, Sydney – Sydney Opera House (Level 21-25)
Easter Island Hanga Roa – Moai (Level 26-30)

Cat Around The World Screenshots

Main Menu displays 5 Options (Play, More Games, Credits, English-Russian Translation, Clear Progress) It also offers an option for website owners to “Add this Game to Your Website”, but the game embed code was not provided on the sponsor site.
Cat Around The World Main Menu

Credits indicates that this game is developed by Alma Games (Indie Developer) using Box2D engine. Sponsored by GamesFree (a logo of Mini Green Dinosaur with wings).
Cat Around The World Credits

USA, New York: Statue of Liberty Level 1-5
Cat Around The World USA

France, Paris: Eiffel Tower Level 6-10
Cat Around The World France

Egypt, Cairo: Sphinx Level 11-15
Cat Around The World Egypt

Japan, Himeji: Himeji Castle Level 16-20
Cat Around The World Japan

Australia, Sydney: Sydney Opera House Level 21-25
Cat Around The World Australia

Easter Island, Hanga Roa: Moai Level 26-30
Cat Around The World Easter Island

Cat Around The World Awards
Cat Around The World Awards 1
Cat Around The World Awards 2

List of Awards in Cat Around the World
Stargazer – Collect 33 stars.
Master of Stars – Collect 66 stars.
Almighty – Collect 90 stars.
Icebreaker – Break 100 Ice Blocks.
I Like This Game – Click on More Games
Persistent – Restart game 20 times.
Jackrabbit – Use the pusher 10 times.
Generous – Spoil food 10 times.
4 – Reach a record in 4 level.
8 – Reach a record in 8 level.
16 – Reach a record in 17 level.
Record Holder – Set records in all levels.
USA – Complete all levels in USA.
Egypt – Complete all levels in Egypt.
Australia – Complete all levels in Australia.
France – Complete all levels in France.
Japan – Complete all levels in Japan.
Easter Island – Complete all levels in Easter Island.
Handsome – Complete all levels.

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