Bloons Tower Defense 5 Guide

BTD5 Text Strategy and Tips

NOV 17 2012 : All Bloon’s Eve Watch All Bloon’s Eve Video Playthrough
Start with 2 Boomerang Thrower (2/3) + 1 Glue Gunner (2/2) + 1 Bomb Tower (3/1) + 1 Monkey Village to keep the upgrade cost down for all towers) Build Monkey Village first so you can get discount for the new upgrades of each tower. Next, build 1 Boomerang Thrower (3/0) below Monkey Village to knock out those escapee bloon. Farm suffcient cash to upgrade Monkey Village to (0/2). Finally start amassing MOAB Maulers aka Bomb Tower (0/3) againt Red Blimps and Blue Blimps at Round 46). After a few waves will be rushed of bloons, so upgrade your first Bomb Tower to (4/2) + Glue Gunner (2/3) + Ice Tower (3/2) + Monkey Village (2/3) + 2 Super Monkey (2/3). Sell off your towers to fund for the upgrades of the tower list above. Have Monkey Village (2/3) to allow Bomb Tower to hit Black/White Bloons.

Nov 18, 2012 : Down the Barrel Watch Down the Barrel Video Playthrough
With towers using some sort of barrel to shoot, beat rounds 35 – 70 on Dockside, Medium. 5,000 cash to start. 2 of each tower, 8 in total. By goofygoober. Rewards 70 Monkey Money. Available Towers: Tack Shooter (3/2), Sniper, Bomb Tower (4/1), Buccaneer, Super Monkey (2/3), Mortar, Dartling.
Begin with 1 Tack Shooter (3/0) + 2 Monkey Buccaneer (0/1) + Mortar Tower (0/2). Tack Shooter is placed at the first port corner whereas Mortar Tower can be placed anywhere but set its target bombing dead center of Tack Shooter while the Monkey Buccaneers, each at the deep shallow port. Get Signal Flare for Mortar Tower (0/3) as Round 37 has Camo Bloons. There might be risk of Bloons escaping, so get Crow’s Nest for both Monkey Buccaneer (0/2). Build another Tack Shooter (3/0), 1 Bomb Tower (3/2) and 2 Snipers (1/2) to assists your battleships. Upgrade both Monkey Buccaneer (3/2) for more popping power against Blue Blimp appearing on Round 46. By now, you have used up all 8 tower available slots for this daily challenge. Farm sufficient cash for Super Monkey and sell off 1 of the Tack Shooter for space. Then farm more cash till you get at least Super Monkey (2/3) and invest the leftover into Snipers (2/3). Make sure these Snipers are set to target Strong! You need at least 2 Sniper (2/3) to be able to take down those Ceramic Rush Bloons at Round 63 otherwise there is a potential risk of leaking massive bloons. Farm more cash and sell off the remaining Tack Shooter for a Super Monkey (2/2).

Nov 19, 2012 : Tricky Pinks Watch Tricky Pinks Video Playthrough
Many pink bloons heading down the river, use good towers to catch up. By Sniper 355. 65 MM reward. It’s on Snake River Medium. Rounds 1 – 65. 1400 starting cash. Towers Allowed: Spike Factory, Buccaneer, Ace 3/2, Apprentice 2/3, Dartling, Dart Monkey 2/3, Tack Shooter, Boomer 3/3, and Ninja 4/2. Reds, Blues, Greens, and Yellows are pinks.

Start with 1 Tack Shooter (3/0) at the round-about and get a Dart Monkey on the next round-about corner. Next, get a few Boomerang Throwers (2/3) and (3/2) at the entrance and assist them with 3 Ninja Monkey (4/2) and 2 Monkey Apprentices (2/2). You will need at least 3 Ninja Monkeys (4/2) to pass Round 46 Blue Blimp. Get another Ninja Monkey (4/2) to pop Blimps easily at Round 50. After this round, you will encounter many Cermaic Bloons. Get a total of 6 Ninja Monkeys (4/2) and 12 Boomerang Throwers (3/2) to pop massive rush bloons like Round 63.

NOV 20, 2012 : MOABday Device Watch MOABday Device Video Playthrough
Your tower selection is limited to non-MOAB poppers. Use the three provided Bloonsday Devices to pop them! Rounds 46 – 60 on Bloon Circles, Easy. By goofygoober. $6,000 to start. Available Towers: Ice Tower (4/2) + Glue Gunner + Village (3/4) + Banana Farm.

Begin by placing all 3 Bloonsday Devices anywhere on non-strategical location in the map as they will be providing laser beam attacks that can fire at any spot where the Bloons are escaping. Next, build a Monkey Village near the very first round-about and 2 Ice Tower (2/1) and 1 Glue Gunner (2/1). Save the remaining cash for Monkey Village (0/2) for Camo bloon attack after releasing the 2nd round. The first round will be a Blue Blimp, so activate the laser beam to destroy it. Only these laser beams are able to attack blue and red blimps. Reserve your laser beam only for blimps and if bloons are leaking, use them to achieve NLL (No Lost Life). Do it conservatively! The trick to allow Bloonsday Devices to recharge faster is to not kill those bloons quickly, let them freeze and move slowly from the killing zone. This can be done by placing the Glue Gunner a little far from the entrance to buy some time for them to cooldown the abilities. Rinse and repeat this process till the end of Round 60. Take note that White and Zebra Bloons are immune to freeze, so you will need a Glue Gunner to standby. Farm enough cash to get 3 Ice Towers (2/2) in the smallest first roundabout to kill those regenerative bloons and upgrade Glue Gunner (3/2) to have better corrosive acid damage and finally sell off the rest of Ice Tower, leaving 1 Ice Tower with (4/2). Also add 3 more Ice Tower in the bottom (3/2), left (2/2) and right (2/2) and 1 more Glue Gunner (3/2) to stop escaping bloons.

NOV 21, 2012 : Compact Attack Watch Compact Attack Video Playthrough
The bloons have launched a highly dense Zebra and Lead attack. Survive! By Anti Bloons. Slalom medium. 4600 starting cash. Dart Monkeys, Mortars, Spike Factories and Monkey Villages. Starting on round 30. Bloon Ranking Changed: Red-Green / Green-Lead / Yellow-Lead / Red-Lead / Lead-Lead / Black-Lead / White-Zebra / Zebra-Zebra / Rainbow-Rainbow / Ceramic-Ceramic / MOABs-MOABs / BFB-BFB.

Begin with 2 Dart Monkey (1/3) and 1 Mortar Tower (1/2). Place the first Dart Monkey close to the entrance and set its target as STRONG. On the next round, place a Spike Factory (0/1) and upgrade it. The next few rounds would have Camo Bloons, so upgrade your existing Mortar Tower (2/3). Next, add 2 more Mortar Tower (3/2) to defeat rush of Bloons. Once you have 3 Mortar Tower in place and their explosion is set near the corners, build a Monkey Village nearby and can start amassing 8 Dart Monkeys (2/3) to defeat Blue and Red Blimps. Upgrade Monkey Village (2/3) so that your Mortar explosion can destroy Black and Zebra Bloons. Keep farming up cash and upgrade all 4 Mortar Towers (4/2).

NOV 22, 2012 : A Variety of Popping Watch A Variety of Popping Video Playthrough
With a selection of 1/4 towers and 1/4 village, beat The Rink on easy to round 39. Pink, black, and white bloons are +1. Lead bloons are red. Rainbows are moabs. By FARAZO’1. 80 MM reward. Towers are farm, spactory, tack shooter, ninja, super monkey, and village. Rounds 1 – 39 on easy. 650 cash to start. 35 has 5 moabs, 38 has 4 moabs, and 39 has 18 moabs.

Begin with 1 Ninja Monkey (0/0) and place it in the center of the map. Farm some cash to build a Banana Farm (1/0) and a Tack Shooter placed at the junctions for maximum popping power. Balance your upgrade and banana farming to avoid getting bloon leaks. Beware of Round 22 where there are Lead Bloons that are immune to sharp objects like throwing-star, tacks or darts. To overcome that challenge, simply build a Spike Factory (2/1) at the bloon exit. Once that is done, keep farming by building at least 4 Banana Farm (2/2). Round 32 will have lots of Lead Bloon rushing down and a Spike Factory (2/1) will not be able to hold them off. Sell some of your Banana Farm to purchase a Super Monkey (3/1). Round 35 will have Blue Blimps heading down but no need to worry much as a Super Monkey can handle 4 of them easily. Round 37 will have Camo Lead Bloons but your Spike Factory can deal with them. Otherwise, sell Spike Factory to fund for Radar Scanner upgrade in Monkey Village (2/2). You will need to have at least 3 Super Monkey (3/2) to survive the last round 39, or just have 2 Super Monkey (3/2) with 1 Spike Factory (3/1).

NOV 23, 2012 : OmegaMonkey Order Watch OmegaMonkey Order Playthrough
Start with 1 Sniper (0/0) target Strong to slow down Pink Bloons and 1 Dart Monkey (0/3). Then you can get 1-2 Ninja Monkey to fight against Camo Bloons with 1 Tack Shooter (3/0) to give you more bloon popping power. Grab a Monkey Village and 2 Monkey Apprentice (2/1) to help with Lead Bloons. Next, amass 6 Tack Shooters and a few Bomb Tower (0/3) against Round 46 Blue Blimp. Farm cash for a Super Glue Gunner (0/3) and Monkey (4/0).

NOV 24, 2012 : Master of Mortar Watch Master of Mortar Playthrough
Begin with 1 Mortar Tower (0/2) and 1 Buccaneer Monkey (0/1). Next upgrade Mortar Tower (0/3) to have ability to remove Camo from Bloons. Once you have upgraded Buccaneer Monkey (2/2), get another 1 of these and upgrade them. With 2 battleships, it can easily take down regenerative bloons. You can opt to get 2 Tack Shooter (3/0) at the roundabout to assist the battleships. Get 2 Boomerang Monkey (3/0) to help slow down multiple long queue of bloons quickly. Finally, prepare for Round 46 Blue Blimp invasion with at least 3 Buccaneer Monkey (3/2) in the center of map followed by 2 more Mortar Tower (2/3) targeting at the corner to avoid any Camo bloon from leaking, and have a Super Monkey. You can build Monkey Village (1/1) before upgrading those ships to reduce upgrade cost. No need for extreme banana farming for this daily challenge.

NOV 25, 2012 : Ambidextrous Watch Ambidextrous Playthrough
Archipelago medium. Towers that can use two different things, round 1-50 with regular cash. +1 tribal turtle. Available Towers: Monkey Buccanner (0/2) + Monkey Ace (4/1) + Super Monkey (4/0) + Monkey Apprentice (0/3) + Dart Monkey (4/0) + Boomerang Thrower (4/0) + Bomb Tower (3/0) + Ninja 0/3. By Gubump. 65 MM

NOV 29, 2012 : Pop n Rescue Watch Pop n Rescue Playthrough
With 3 of each an Ace, Ninja, and Buccaneer beat Archipelago Medium rounds 50 – 65. 23000 cash to start. 4/2 towers only. By Mangster. 60 MM reward.

This daily challenge teaches you on how to use Monkey Ace. Lead bloons begin invading in the very first round of 50. No other towers except Monkey Ace can pop them. Using Monkey Ace (0/1) upgrade is not really accurate. With the high amount of starting cash, invest for a Spectre aka Monkey Ace (4/2) upgrade and a Ninja Monkey. The placement of Spectre is important here, place it furthest from the entrance at a strategic area since the plane attack bloon closest to it. Having some distance buy some time for its torpedo pineapple dart bombs to cover most area. Have at least 2 Ninja Monkey (4/2) to teleport ceramic bloons back to its entrance after popping Blue and Red Blimps. Invest the remaining farmed cash for 3 Monkey Buccaneer (3/2).

NOV 29, 2012 : Polluted Park Watch Polluted Park Playthrough
With Bomb Towers, Mortars, Glue Gunners, Aces, and Dartlings, beat Park Path on Hard rounds 47-67. Only 1 of each tower type. $12,800 cash to start. by NinjaBase.

This daily challenge is a little tough since there are very little towers to provide enough popping power against blimps. However, this can be sorted easily with a Monkey Dartling (3/2) and Spike Factory (4/2). Some tips against Red Blimps is to have at least 1 Mortar Tower (4/2) shooting against it. A Spike Factory (3/2) can handle at most 2 Blimps at most before restocking its spike balls on the road. Also, take note that regenerative bloons can easily bypass a Spike Factory (4/2), so have at least 1 Glue Gunner (3/2) to slow and thin them down.

DEC 1, 2012 : Like A Ninja Watch Polluted Park Playthrough
Ninja 4/2 are the only ones that can pop camos. Only one of each tower, Snake River rounds 14-58 with 1,400 cash to start. By Gubump

Your main popping power for Camo Bloons is only Monkey Ninja (4/2), so try to destroy most of the non-camo bloons with other towers so it can concentrate his fire power against camo! The beginning of the Round you might lose a few lives unless you have sufficient popping bloon power. A Monkey Buccaneer (0/1) can help a lot while you start funding for a Boomerang Monkey (3/2) and a Monkey Apprentice (2/1). You can have a Tack Factory to provide more popping power with Monkey Buccaneer. Finally, get your Monkey Buccaneer (3/2) to easily pop your first blimp at Round 46. The rest from here is pretty straight forward. Get a Bomb Tower (2/3) aka MOAB Mauler to assist your battleship to break down the blimps.

DEC 2, 2012 : When the Wizard Lord’s Away Watch When the Wizard Lord’s Away Playthrough
Beat Lightning Scar on medium, Rounds 25-50. 6000 starting cash. by Bradley Chang. Bloons ranks are boosted. Bloon Ranking: Red +3 (Yellow) Blue +3 (Pink) Green +3 (Black) Yellow +3 (White) Pink +3 (Lead) Black +3 (Zebra) White +3 (Rainbow) Lead +3 (Ceramic) Zebra +2 (Ceramic) Rainbow +1 (Ceramic) Ceramic +1 (MOAB) MOAB +1 (BFB) BFB +1 (ZOMG) ZOMG 0.

Use 2 Boomerang Monkey (3/0) and 2 Monkey Apprentices (2/2) with some road spike to solve the early rounds of bloon rush. Next, use Glue Gunner (2/2) and Bomb Tower (4/2) to slow the incoming bloons. Grab a Monkey Village to reduce the cost of each tower before their final upgrade. Blimps invade much earlier than Round 46. So get at least 1 Super Monkey (2/2) up and later upgrade it to Super Monkey (2/3). Have 2 to be safe. Finally get an Ice Tower (4/2) and upgrade Monkey Village (2/3) to allow your Bomb Tower to hit black bloons (immune to explosion).

DEC 3, 2012 : Without a Paddle Watch Without a Paddle Playthrough
Beat Snake River 22-65 Medium with fully upgradable booms and ninjas. Other towers can’t pop camoes or leads. 1 of each tower. By Jakes de Jager.

Begin by placing Ninja Monkey (2/2) and Boomerang Monkey (3/2) early so they can pop those camo and lead bloons easily. Assist them with Tack Shooter, Monkey Buccaneer and Monkey Village. At late levels, quickly get a Super Monkey (2/2) to fight against Blimps and upgrade Boomerang Monkey (4/2) to fight against Camo Lead Bloons.

List of BTD5 Tower

Dart Monkey
Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon. A good, cheap tower suitable for the early rounds.
[Left Upgrades]
Long Range: Increase Attack Range
Enhanced Eyesight: Increase Attack Range + Detect Camo
Spike-o-pult: Hurls large spiked ball instead of darts that pops 18 bloons. Slow but long range.
Juggernaut: Spiked ball can pop lead bloons. Deals extra damage to ceramic bloons.
[Right Upgrades]
Sharp Shots: Pops 1 extra bloon per shot.
Razor Sharp Shots: Pops 2 extra bloons per shot.
Triple Darts: Throws 3 darts instead of 1.
Super Monkey Fan Club: Converts 10 nearby towers into Super Monkey for 15 seconds.

BTD5 Daily Challenge Guide

(Oct 7, 2012) Space Conscious
Beat Spact Truckin’ on hard with space greedy towers. 2 per class. Start at round 45 with 10,000 cash. By Sniper355. Reward 70MM. Available Towers and Tools: Monkey Village, Mortar Tower, Monkey Ace, Monkey Buccaneer, Banana Farm, Dartling Tower. Guide: Start with 1 Village (0/0), 2 Buccaneers (3/0) and 1 Mortar (1/2). Set Mortar aim at white planet nearest to sun. Add 1 Dartling (1/1) and up Village (1/0) to destroy Blue Blimp quickly at Round 46. Up Mortar (1/3) and 2 Buccaneers (3/2) as Round 47 has Camo Bloons. Up Mortar (2/3) and Village (1/1) to destroy Rainbow Bloon quickly. Add 1 Ace (3/0) and Farm (2/0) at Round 49. Up Dartling (2/2), Ace (3/1) and Farm (3/0). Add 1 Dartling (2/1), Ace (2/0) and Farm (2/0). UP 2nd Ace (3/0), Village (1/2) and 2nd Farm (3/0). Add 2nd Mortar (3/2) and UP 2nd Dartling (2/3) and Village (2/2) to prepare for Round 63 where mass Bloons rushes through. Sell all Dartling to UP an Ace (4/2) aka Spectre who is effective against Blimps with Pineapple Missiles. Add 1 Dartling (1/0) for emergency. Sell all Dartling and UP an Ace (4/2). You will now have 2 Ace (4/2) aka Spectre that can hold off Blue and Red Blimps while you farm sufficient cash for Banana Research Facility (Banana Factory). Sell 1 Farm to UP the other Farm (4/2) and a Mortar (4/2). Finally UP Village (4/2), 2nd Mortar (4/2) and both Buccaneer (4/2).

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