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BTD5 Bloons Tower Defense 5 Guide Ninja Kiwi Daily Challenge Walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defense 5 also known as BTD5 is a tower defense game where players amass Monkey in the battlefield to pop colorful balloons. Each balloon has its own unique abilities such as speed, camouflage, regenerative, immune to sharp objects or cold. This game also has various bosses that appears to be Zeppelin containing 4 tough ceramic balloons. Unlike BTD4, this game offers much more features such as Special Missions, Daily Missions, Premium Content, Special Agents and more tracks ranging from Easy, Advance and Expert. The guide below offers video playthroughs as well as best strategies and tips for each challenges.

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 Walkthrough

Bloons TD 5 Moab Madness Special Mission

Moab Madness
Fast Upgrades
Full House

List of BTD5 Daily Challenge Video Guide
Click on the link below to select the month of the daily challenge!
2012: OCT / NOV / DEC
2013 JAN / FEB

BTD5 Abbreviations

BF – Banana Farm
DC – Daily Challenge
MM – Monkey Money
#LL – Number of Life Lost (Example: 30LL means 30 Life Lost)
NLL = No Lives Lost
NAPS = No Agents, Premiums, or Specialty buildings
NAPSIR = No Agents, Premiums, Specialty buildings, Injections, or Road items
NAPSIRLL = No Agents, Premiums, Specialty buildings, Injections, Road items, or Lives Lost

BTD5 Tower Pros and Cons

1) Spike Factory (3/2) easily destroy a Blue Blimp.
2) Spike Factory (4/2) easily destroy a Red Blimp and Rush of Regen Ceramic Bloon.
3) Boomerang Thrower (2/3) easily pops Ceramic Bloon.
4) Boomerang Thrower (3/2) efficiently pops long queue of weak Bloon.
5) Use Tack Shooter to eliminate Bloon rush in early game while farming cash for other tower.
6) Use Glue Gunner and Ice Tower to slow enemies down while hurting them in the process.
7) Best combo with Ice Tower is Boomerang Thrower (4/2) or Monkey Apprentice (2/3).
8) Sell of Spike Factory (4/2) for a Super Monkey (3/2) when you have sufficient cash.
9) Aid Sun God with Village (3/2), Ice Tower (4/2) and Glue Gunner (4/2) to easily wipe out Camo Ceramic Regenerating Bloons.

BTD5 Best Strategies

How to make the most powerful Monkey Temple?
Below is the the required towers to easily take down multiple Z.O.M.G.
1 x Super Monkey (To be transform into Monkey Temple)
3 x Mortar Tower (4/2) aka The Big Ones – Shoots 6 Golden MOAB Mauler Missiles.
1 x Glue Monkey (2/3) aka Glue Liquefier – Slow down and pop bloons with corrosive acid.
1 x Monkey Apprentice (4/2) aka Master of Air – Teleport Bloons to the entrance.
1 x Ice Tower (4/2) aka Viral Frost – Freezes bloons in a large ice explosion.
1 x Sniper (3/2) aka Deadly Precission – Max out 360 degrees blade damage.
There is some bug with Glue Monkey (4/2) where its green glue shot by Monkey Temple does not pop bloons with its corrosive acid. Cannon Tower can substitute Mortar Tower, however the damage would be much less than it. For less lag, just go for 1 Super Monkey + 3 Mortar Tower and assist the Monkey Temple with 20 Sniper (4/2) to pin down those Z.O.M.G at the entrance.

How to beat rush waves in early levels with short amount of cash?
There are 2 methods: quality vs quantity. It depends on the situation as well. For instance, if you lack of cash, its best to go with mass building cheap towers such as Dart Monkeys. If you have sufficient cash, go for a Boomerang Thrower (0/3) as it has more bloon-popping power when position straight ahead against incoming bloons. Or you can have a balance of both if you have sufficient cash like Bomb Tower (3/0) + a dart-type monkey that can pop black Bloons. Example of these tricks seen to be use in BTD5 Daily Challenge Nov 11 2012 starting with a Boomerang Thrower (0/3).

What towers are best suited against early invasion of Blimps?
You can opt for Bomb Tower (2/3) aka Mauler M.O.A.B as they deal 10x damage against a pack of Blimps, M.O.A.B and Z.O.M.G (Zeppelin). Otherwise, go for at least 5 Tack Shooters (3/0) position best at corners or round-about. You can also defeat them with a mere 3 Ninja Monkeys (4/2) or 1 Super Monkey (3/0) or at least 8 Dart Monkeys (2/3).

What is the best method to break mass ceramic Bloons?
Use 1 Ice Tower (3/2) + 1 Boomerang Thrower (2/3). The Ice Tower slows all Bloons to a crawl, allowing your Boomerang Thrower to slice each and every single frozen Bloon without having its Boomerang miss its target. Second method is to slow them down with Glue Gunner (2/2) and use 2 Boomerang Thrower (2/3) and some Road Spikes to prevent escaping Bloons if you lack the sufficient funds.

How to defeat Camo Leads?
Get Monkey Village with Radar Scanner (0/2) and have a Bomb Tower OR Boomerang Thrower (4/2) nearby the village. You can also use Ninja Monkey (2/3) OR Dart Monkey (4/2) or Spike Factory (2/0) OR Monkey Sniper (2/2) OR SPECIAL AGENTS: Super Monkey Storm (SMS).

How to farm cash quickly in early game?
Hire 2 glue gunner (2/1) and position them at the entrance and have a Spike Factory at the bloon exit. Also have a tower such as Ninja Monkey between them and target strong. The middle tower will pop the strong bloon, making them reach slower to the exit and giving time for the glue acid to take its effectiveness. If the glued Bloon make it with at least 1 Red/Blue Bloon, the spikes laid by the Spike Factory will pop those escapees. From there, you can start farming cash and invest in 2 Monkey Farms (2/0)

How to farm cash quickly in late game?
Start by building 4 Monkey Farm (2/0) and have a Monkey Village in the center of them. Having a Monkey Village to a tower will reduce upgrade cost by 10%. This is especially useful when you are upgrading costly towers. Then upgrade each existing farm to a Banana Farm (3/0) and later as (4/2). Re-invest the cash to build up to 8 Monkey Farm (4/2). Banana Farms are effective till up to wave 120 because they only produce a maximum set of banana per round. Use this opportunity to upgrade Monkey Village (4/2) so that offensive towers can earn +50% more cash per bloon pop. Also, mass build Monkey Sniper (2/4) as this will give you a constant supply of money crates worth $1000-$1500 per charge. Have a Monkey Village (4/2) nearby these Snipers to reduce their skill cooldown by 20%. Take care to build up your defenses as you are building your economy as paying too much attention to banana farming might lead to bloon leaks.

How to easily pop massive bloon rush such as mass ceramic rush at Round 63 or mass regenerating camo bloons at Round 75?
You need 4 ingredients to be successful in these rounds. You need a Glue Gunner (2/3) + Ice Tower (3/2) + Bomb Tower (4/2) + Ninja Monkey (4/2) + Monkey Village (2/3) + some offensive towers such as 2 Boomerang Thrower (3/2) or 1 Super Monkey (3/0). Glue Gunner slows down and damages bloons overtime with its corrosive acid. Ice Tower freezes bloons (more like stunning them for few seconds) and also slows them after they come out from its frozen state. Bomb Tower will stun them for 0.5 seconds (500 miliseconds). Ice Tower stun delay is higher than Bomb Tower, so having the Bomb Tower assisting Ice Tower to slow the Fast Bloons increases the effectiveness of Ice Tower. Ninja Monkey is used to teleport Bloons back to square 1 (the entrance). You can use Monkey Apprentice with Summon Whirlwind ability but this removes the Glue and Ice effects on Bloons. Take note that Ninja Monkey throwing stars can’t affect Frozen Bloons but with the help of Monkey VIllage (2/3) aka Monkey Intelligence Bureau, it allows all attacks affect any type of bloons. This benefits the Pineapple Bomb, Bomb Tower and Mortar Tower as it can now attack Black Bloons which are immune to explosives, and allowing Ice Tower to freeze and pop bloons that are immune to ice!

BTD5 Daily Challenge Guide


OCT 04, 2012 : Safety First
OCT 05, 2012 : Fire Shuriken
OCT 06, 2012 : Mad Gunners
OCT 07, 2012 : Space Conscious
OCT 08, 2012 : Mirror Mirror On the Clock
OCT 09, 2012 : Artillery in the Valley
OCT 10, 2012 : Wheat Fields
OCT 11, 2012 : All Around the World
OCT 12, 2012 : A Nice Family Picnic
OCT 13, 2012 : Uncertainty Principle
OCT 14, 2012 : The Castle of Horror
OCT 15, 2012 : Keep On Throwing
OCT 16, 2012 : Masters of Disguise
OCT 18, 2012 : Pointless Hill
OCT 20, 2012 : Camolead
OCT 21, 2012 : 50 Waves to Save the World
OCT 22, 2012 : Striker
OCT 23, 2012 : Bomb Sledding
OCT 24, 2012 : Precise Ice
OCT 25, 2012 : Organized Chaos
OCT 26, 2012 : Rare Technology
OCT 27, 2012 : Heartbreaker
OCT 28, 2012 : Super-Piloted Gunners
OCT 29, 2012 : The Sight of A Dart
OCT 30, 2012 : High Charity
OCT 31, 2012 : Frugal Pop


NOV 01, 2012 : Popping Evolved
NOV 02, 2012 : AlphaMonkey Order
NOV 03, 2012 : Twist Master
NOV 04, 2012 : Lucky Look
NOV 05, 2012 : -The Alphabetical RBE
NOV 06, 2012 : R Not Allowed
NOV 07, 2012 : Scared of the Dark
NOV 08, 2012 : Keep Your Range
NOV 09 2012 : Lead Zeppelin
NOV 10 2012 : The Burn of a Boomerang
NOV 11 2012 : The Magical Ice Boom
NOV 12 2012 : Deflate Ability
NOV 13 2012 : Rainbow RBE
NOV 14 2012 : Chain Reaction
NOV 16 2012 : Cool Weapons
NOV 17 2012 : All Bloon’s Eve
NOV 18 2012 : Down The Barrel
NOV 19 2012 : Tricky Pinks
NOV 20, 2012 : MOABday Device
NOV 21, 2012 : Compact Attack
NOV 22, 2012 : A Variety of Popping
NOV 23, 2012 : OmegaMonkey Order
NOV 24, 2012 : Master of Mortar
NOV 25, 2012 : Ambidextrous
NOV 27, 2012 : Power Overwhelming
NOV 28, 2012 : Bomb a la Bomb
NOV 29, 2012 : Pop n Rescue
NOV 30, 2012 : Polluted Park


Dec 01, 2012 : Like A Ninja
Dec 02, 2012 : When the Wizard Lord’s Away
Dec 03, 2012 : Without a Paddle Away
DEC 26 2012 : Au Contraire
DEC 29 2012 : New World Technologies
DEC 30 2012 : Upon the Boiling Sea II
DEC 31 2012 : Patience Is Key


JAN 01 2013 : Sharper Then Before
JAN 02 2013 : Angry Volcano
JAN 03 2013 : Gluetack City
JAN 04 2013 : Monkey Metropolis Destruction
JAN 05 2013 : Magical Advice of Doom
JAN 06 2013 : The Next Best Thing
JAN 07 2013 : Black and Yellow
JAN 09 2013 : Paint the Lane Yellow
JAN 10 2013 : Once in a Glued Bloon
JAN 11 2013 : The Odd Ones Left
JAN 12 2013 : Battle Time
JAN 13 2013 : That’s Odd, Right?
JAN 14 2013 : Mission Downstream
JAN 15 2013 : Panic Button
JAN 16 2013 : Fives
JAN 17 2013 : The Blizzard
JAN 18 2013 : Leeroy Bloonkins
JAN 19 2013 : Black and White Stripes
JAN 20 2013 : The Prime Sequence
JAN 21 2013 : Quetzovercoatl
JAN 22 2013 : Intermediate Popping
JAN 23 2013 : Set-up Chaos
JAN 24 2013 : A Job To Do
JAN 25 2013 : Space Defender
JAN 26 2013 : Ouroboros
JAN 31 2013 : Tough Love


FEB 01 2013 : Double Specialization
Feb 04 2013 : Bloonbending

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