Bloons Super Monkey Guide

Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use Power Blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next. Good luck!
Control Super Monkey with the mouse. Hit ESC at any time during a wave to access the upgrades screen.

Bloons Super Monkey Upgrade

Below is a list of upgrades to be bought in sequence:
1) Buy Boomer ($200) – Toss out a boomerang for extra poppage.
2) Buy Faster Darts ($400) – Increases your throw rate greatly (+100% Extra Rate)
3) Buy Double Boomer ($800) – Throw two boomerangs each time.
4) Heavy Missile ($1500) – Dispense with the rangs and move onto explosives.
5) Twin Missiles ($1500) – Two missiles are explode tastic.
6) Twin Darts ($2500) – Throws two streams of darts.
7) Smart Missiles ($2500) – These missiles have degrees from Harvard, they seek out bloons.
8) Quad Missiles ($5000) – Each salvo unleashes four smart missiles.
9) Quad Darts ($6000) – Only a really super duper supermonkey can throw four darts at once.
10) Extra Speed ($5000) – Throws four darts with faster throw rate. (+50% Extra Rate)
11) Laser Vision ($8000) – Pop bloons just by looking at them.
12) Twin Darts ($6000) – Shoot lasers and two darts every shot
13) Triple Twin ($18000) – Multi directional ownage laser ownage
14) Death Ray Vision ($12000) – Solid unstoppable beam of bloon melting madness!
15) Plasma Tentacle ($500) – Seeks out and pops nearby bloons automatically and instantly.
16) Double Plasma ($1000) – Twice the fun.
17) Three Way Plasma ($1500) – Three for the price of three.
18) Quad Plasma ($2000) – Sometime more is more.
19) Super Plasma ($2500) – This is like liquid sun.
20) Twin Super) – ($5000) – Each tentacle is stupidly powerful
21) Triple Super ($5000) – For those who don’t like to aim much.
22) Quad Super ($5000) – More popping power than you could ever need, want or afford.
23) Moab Maulers ($5000) – Twin guided missles that packed extra punch, especially to MOABS.
24) Quad MOAB ($10000) – 4 x MOAB Maulers for extreme bloon wreckage.

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