Ayumilove Mafia Wars Walkthrough Free BluePrint Compendium

This Mafia Wars walkthrough is made through my gaming experiences and tips given by Mafia Wars seniors. With my personalized Mafia Wars guide, it guides you step by step to achieving level 200 within 2 days and own 501 Mafia (all fully equipped with best weapons, armor, vehicles). If those are the answers you seek, you came to the right place!

Ayumilove Mafia Wars Walkthrough

Mafia Wars Introduction

Mafia Wars is another Zynga no-brainer game where mostly about clicking and I mean lots of clicking. But many people love to play this game since it does not need much strategic decision making like chess. However, I do agree that by playing smart in any games including Mafia Wars will help do better than most players, AND feeling more fun than “waiting”…

Most of Zynga games (e.g. Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafe World) uses the waiting as their motto. They want user to wait and wait. This is accomplish by implementing a timer system to prevent most user from completing the game too quickly else player gets bored of it and quit the game forever.

Zynga provides an alternative to players that if they wish to level-up fast or some kind of benefits, they are required to purchase Zynga-coins through Credit Card or PayPal.

After googling around about Mafia Wars, I discovered many people are taking this opportunity to make cold hard cash by scamming Mafia Wars players that they can teach you the secrets on how pro level up fast. You might seen these scams:
1. Mafia Wars Blueprint (see the pic below)
2. Mafia Wars Strategy
3. Mafia Wars Guide
4. Mafia Wars Compendium


Mafia Wars Blueprint Review
A friend of mine who purchased the MafiaWars BluePrint sent
me a copy of it. After reading it, I could say that 90% of it
is completely rubbish. Most of it just introducing how to
buy items from city, talk about jobs in cities without any
planning involve, and nuisance. It’s more like a scamming book.
Mafia Wars Blueprint should be changed to :
“Top #1 Worst Choice of Purchasing Mafia Wars Blueprint”

Some Mafia Wars scamming website competes with others
saying that they could level you up 1-500 in 2 days. Well,
if a person level up too fast, they are doing a bad planning,
leveling fast just by doing the best xp/energy ratio job will soon
overwhelm low xp/energy ratio job. Therefore, you will have
MORE TOUGHER time completing those jobs in order to master
a tier (3 stars for New York/Cuba/Moscow, 4 Stars for Bangkok)

Having a balance speed allows you to promote yourself at a
good pace while mastering all jobs, gain extra profile points,
complete vault item collection and boss items at end of job tier.

Apart from that, what I am revealing here will not be found
in Mafia Wars Blueprint and in most tutorials. My walkthrough
is the real secrets on how PROS level-up/promote quickly
100 times in a day using some free tools available in public ^_^

The first result on google page is filled with nuisance guides,
they just introduced to you some brief idea about Zynga
Mafia Wars but that is not what player are looking for.

Mafia Wars formula is actually very simple, with me as your
tutor, you do not need to spend a dime on any walkthrough
and less worry that they will return your money. Once you have
given your money, they control whether your money will be
returned. They can make excuses by asking you some proof
whether you use their method and so forth. Just ignore their
phrase “No Questions Asked” (sounds fishy…)

What will I gain from Ayumilove Walkthrough?

Below is a summary of the benefits that Mafia Wars Blue Print
provide if you pay them through credit card or PayPal :-
( p.s. With my walkthrough, you get all of them for free ^_^ )

Top Mistakes 99% of Players Always Make
Why Millions of Players Are Building their Mafias Completely
the Wrong Way! Avoid Making them at All Costs.

Create a Massive Mafia
Legally Increase your Mafia to over 500+ players within 7 days!
(p.s I get 500+ players in less than 2 days, faster than them LOL)

Pimp Out your Mafia
Give your Badass Gang the Rarest, Most Powerful Weapons
and Tools in the Game.
(p.s. This is simple, just remember loot items are better than
purchased items in city inventories)

Never BEG Again
Reverse the Roles! Make the Best Players Beg you
to let them Join your Mafia
(This is nuisance, you just grab all the mafia you can, the
bigger mafia you have, you gain more experience points ^_^ )

Be the Bully. Fight the China vs. Taiwan Way!
How to Never Lose a Fight or Get Robbed Again and
Crush all your Opposition
This is simple to do, grab all the best mafia wars loot items
and equip your 501 mafia)

Stockpile your Godfather Points
Regardless of your Level, Double your Godfather Points
in One Day on Autopilot. So Easy, its Unbelievable!

Payback is a Bitch
What I Do to Exact Revenge on Any Mafia that Messes
with me. They will Learn their Lesson and Leave you Alone.

Unearth the Hidden Secrets and Loopholes
Learn the Secrets which No One Wants You to Know About.
Find out How to Gather and Use Your Godfather Points
the Most Efficient Way.
Read the Getting Started to see how to manage your
Reward Points also known as Godfather Points.

Video Preview of 5 Minute Level-Up

Below is a video proof of how fast I level as an energy character,
this method is FASTER than any hybrid characters that add profile
points into stamina, attack, defense in earlier levels. This allows
me to level up 12 times in an hour (240 levels per day)
p.s. I use MWAP Rebirth Tool (A script bot that automatically
master jobs, perform selected jobs, repeat fighting, etc)
MWAP is short for Mafia Wars Auto-Player (very useful tool!)
MWAP does all the work, so you can save time and hassle ^_^

Ayumilove Strategy in Mastering Mafia Wars

Getting Started in Mafia War

I will brief you quickly on some important character stats
that are used in Mafia Wars. There are 8 stats (see below):

You gain 5 Profile Points after each level up!
Profile Points can be spent to improve any of the stats below:
Stamina, Energy, Health, Attack, Defense.
I strongly advice you to never spend your Profile Point to any
of the stats except for ENERGY! Don’t use it on Stamina,
Health, Attack or Defense. All of these stats does not aid
in leveling up fast. If you wish to level 100 times or more
in a day, spend on ENERGY and you will never regret it ^_^
Accumulated Profile Points can be seen beside “Profile”

Reward Point was formerly known as Godfather Point but
Zynga changed it due to some reasons that I do not know.
You gain 1 Reward Point when you level up but the level
number must be an EVEN number and not ODD number.
For example, you level from 52 to 53, you do not gain any.
However, if you level from 53 to 54, you gain 1 Reward Point.
EVEN Numbers are 0,2,4,6,8 while ODD numbers are 1,3,5,7,9

Your current reward points that you have accumulated
can be seen beside the button “Marketplace” (see pic below)

I strongly advice you to only spend your Reward Points to
purchase (+4 PROFILE POINTS) upgrade when there is an
offer for that upgrade during the ONE-HOUR-SALES!

The original cost is 14 Reward Points for but if it was purchase
when there is an offer for that, is cost only 12 Reward Points!
You save 2 Reward Points, and this saving will be beneficial
to enhance your stats faster.

After gaining the extra +4 PROFILE POINTS, spend them
only in ENERGY! That’s how pro players mass their energy.
More energy means more jobs can be performed.
More jobs performed provides more money faster.
The fast income from jobs makes it easier to purchase
estates and required tools needed for other jobs!

Energy is the juice that makes Mafia Wars World to spin. Why?
With insufficient energy, you will not be able to do the following:

– Unable to do more jobs to gain money quickly to buy estates.
– Unable to do jobs that requires high amount of energy.
– Unable to do more jobs to collect lots of consumable items
(Example: Untraceable cell phone, illegal transaction, stick of
dynamite, compromising photo, undetected camera, etc)
– Unable to perform many jobs to increase the chance of
obtaining collectible items. Collecting a set of them provides
bonus Stamina/Health/Energy/Attack/Defense.
– Unable to master a tier quickly to obtain godly boss items
with powerful attack and defense stats to aid in mafia battle.
– Unable to perform job multiple time to obtain the best
weapon, armor and vehicle loot. (These items are far better
than purchased equipments found in different city inventory)
– And lots more…

Now, do see the reason why energy is such an important stat?
Other stats aren’t important to look after except for energy.
Remember to only use profile point to energy BECAUSE energy
will help you perform more jobs that indirectly provides
bonuses for stamina, health, attack and defense ^_^

Stamina is similar to Energy. Stamina is spent in mafia battle,
but can’t be used to perform jobs. Energy is the opposite,
it can be use to perform jobs but not use in mafia battle.
Stamina provides the best XP to Energy Ratio.

In simpler terms, stamina gains more experience points (XP)
(1 stamina provides approximately 2.33 XP) versus
(1 energy provides 2.11 XP from the best XP job: Settle Beef)

Stamina has some pros and cons compared to Energy.

Lots of Hassle
If you had 1000 stamina, this means you need to click the
“Fight Button” 1000 times to perform 1000 fights. Its very
tiring and waste of time.
Performing job by consuming energy to gain experience points
is way faster. (e.g. Performing “Settle a beef… Permanently”)
consumes 35 energy and rewards 75 experience points.
You only click once and you save 34 clicking (you save your
mouse from spoiling too fast after many clicking as well ^_^ )

Waste of Time and Money
If you are able to perform attack quickly in the Mafia Fight,
often time you get yourself injured and need to recover in
hospital. The hospital cost increase base on your level.
The higher level you are, the healing cost increase as well.
Secondly, you can’t heal in hospital instantly since Zynga has
implemented a 60 seconds delay which you need to wait before
you can recover in hospital. Zynga loves to make you wait ^_^
For pure energy users, you are not affected
by this delay, therefore, this speeds up the leveling progress
faster than hybrid players that applies their profile points into
both stamina and energy. I have made a test dummy using
100 stamina points, and it took around 10 minutes to finish up
these points (this includes waiting delay in hospital)

Loot Random Item
After each winning battle, you gain some chance to loot
a random item. If you’re lucky, you might get the best
vehicle, weapon or armor loot. If you are unlucky, you get
junks and worthless items that does not boost your mafia
attack and defense stats considerably.
If compared to Energy, performing a specific job allows a
player to get that specific best weapon, armor or vehicle.
(e.g. Perform “Ship Black-Market Caviar To London: Completed”
in Moscow Pakhan with Level 3 Mastery) you gain 45% chance
to loot Zoloto (best offensive loot vehicle with 44 attack) if
you want to only boost your mafia attack stats ^_^

Robbing Money
After each successful mafia fight/battle, you have a chance
to gain lots of money from the victim. In New York, if you
found the right victim to target, you gain $65,000 per 1 stamina!
This trick applies to Cuba (Peso), Moscow (Rubbles) and Bangkok
(Baht). That is how most active fighting players gain fast money
to purchase estate and needed tools for jobs faster than
doing jobs that spend lots of energy.
BUT! There is a downside to this, you are not the only person
who is searching for easy prey that has low mafia defense.
When a victim is iced (unable to counterattack you), you will
not be able to get anymore money from them. Furthermore,
victims provides a random amount of money depending on
how much cash they left outside the bank. If they have none,
you get zero cash. Most players keep cash in bank, therefore
its hard to earn money. Compared to Energy, you will know that
performing a job will 100% guarantee you earn money.

Health is the stat that determines whether we can perform
attack on another mafia. If your health is above 20, you can
perform attack (deals random damage), sucker punch
(deals 1 damage), collect bounty hunt (kill/ice a hitlist person)
If your health is in between 1 and 20, your status is set
to ice, which renders you weak and unable to perform
any attack on another mafia (as the ones mentioned above).
If your health reaches zero, you status is set to killed/snuffed.
This will also deduct 6 experience points if you are snuffed.

Since we are making a pure energy character
with no stat added into Stamina, we do not need to worry
about paying hospital bills to replenish our health nor worry
we are unable to perform attacks on another mafia to gain
experience points (2.33 XP/Stamina).

I have experienced one of my dummy account with lots of
stamina, it was constantly attacked by another mafia,
I did not have sufficient time to spend the stamina on fighting
other player because my health is always at 20 and below.
My health reduces rapidly, therefore, stamina is not a good
stat to spend profile on. If you made pure energy character,
you will not need to worry that attacking mafia SLOWS your
level-up progress AT ALL since you do not depend on HEALTH!

Apart from that, the bonuses stamina and health you gain
from energy used to collect a set of item collection, you use
the stamina to attack a low level player (or whipping boy)
so that your health reaches below 20. In that way, no one
will be able to ROB your money! This is a technique I use
to safeguard my money ^_^

Another tip from me is do not save your money into bank,
because bank incurs a 10% tax on the amount of money
ou save inside. What a rip off! You lose more money saving
in bank compare to being rob by other players!

Assuming you earned $14,000,000, a 10% tax will cost
$1,400,000 !!! The amount you can lose from each successful
enemy attack is $100,000. If you have added stats in health,
you are giving more opportunity for the attacker to get more
attacks before your status changes to ICED! Therefore, you
need to keep your health as low as possible. Do not spend your
Profile Points into Health! In Zynga Mafia Wars, you do not
gain interest on the amount of money save after a month/year.

Attack stat is used to solo another mafia or help out in war.
(Note: If you win/lose in war, you still gain 3 XP for helping)
Each successful attack allows a person to gain a random XP
of 1 to 3. If you have some mafia, your mafia will rally some
troops, which randomly boost your current XP gain by DOUBLE!
So if you gain 3 XP, and your mafia helps you, you gain 6 XP
per stamina. However, this does not happen often though.

Since we are gaining XP (experience points) through consuming
energy to perform jobs, we do not rely on attack stat. Attack
stat is only useful for stamina users. But that would not be fun
if you are not able to attack (being a pure energy player), right?

Well, here is a suggestion for you. Would you like to attack
lots of mafia with the best attack weapon, armor and vehicle
and prevent them from counterattacking using your best
defensive weapon, armor and vehicle?

It’s best to prepare yourself by fully equipping your mafia with
the loot items from jobs (they provide better stats compare to
the ones purchase in city inventory) and you do not need to
spend any cash on it!

You need to consider that if you attack someone, the victim
would perform a hitlist on your name! This will attract high level
players to take that bounty by snuffing you! (at best icing you if
they can’t do the killer blow)

Similar to Attack but its used to defend your character if
you are under attack by other players. If the attacker lost,
you will gain random 1~3 XP and steal their money instead!

One of the techniques used by pro players is to agitate
other attacker to hitlist them or attack them. In return,
if they attack you, you gain those experience points!
You will still lose health during your defense.

Mafia plays a major role in several aspects:
– Most attackers do not attack players with full 501 Mafia
– Fully equipped 501 Mafia provides nice defense in the beginning
You need to quickly gather lots of mafia so that you will
not be targeted as an easy victim to be robbed by other players.

Which Mafia War Class should I choose?

Remember this phrase that I have posted above?
“Top Mistakes 99% of Players Always Make”
One of Mafia Wars newbie’s mistake is choosing the wrong class.

Choosing the right class in the beginning will save your
14 Godfather Points (also known as Reward Points) from
changing your class again. In addition, your leveling speed
will slowly increase in its pace after moving above level 10!

When you reach level 8, Mafia Wars will ask you which class
you would like to choose. This class you choose will take its
effect after you reached level 10.

There are 3 classes to choose from:
1. Mogul (Earn Money Faster through Jobs and Estates)
2. Maniac (Regenerate Energy Faster)
3. Fearless (Regenerate Health and Stamina Faster)

Mogul is a class that newbies should never choose!
Earning lots of money doesn’t help in level-up/promoting
fast. In Zynga Mafia Wars, money plays a totally different role.

Money is not much of a use but to:-
1. Buy estates (owning restaurant/office/mega casinos/etc)
2. If injured, money can be spend to heal fully in hospital.
3. Buy weapons that are required to do jobs.

Most Mafia War newbie players thinks that choosing Maniac
is the best option because you wait less longer to refill
your energy bar compare to Mogul and Fearless.

In reality, most players who level up fast do not wait
for energy to regenerate. Energy regeneration is out
of the question if you wish to level-up quickly. I will
go into more in-depth on how you avoid waiting for
energy, but energy who waits for you to spend them ^_^

You might be thinking, if both two classes above aren’t
the ones that you should choose, how would fearless
be the class you should choose over them?

Fearless regenerate stamina as fast as Maniac regenerate
Energy. However, waiting for stamina to fill up fully is out of
the question if you wish to level up within 5 to 10 minutes.

The true colors of fearless shines when they are promoted
as a TOP MAFIA by other mafia. They gain chance to avoid
using ANY energy while performing a job! That is much
faster than waiting for energy to replenish fully ^_^

Let’s calculate on how much time can be save for FEARLESS!
For instance, performing a job that consumes 100 energy and
the effect of avoiding using energy takes place. Top Mafia
Maniac recharges 1 energy in 135 seconds. Multiply it by
100 energy by 135 seconds, this yields 13500 seconds.
(100 energy x 135 seconds = 13500 seconds)
In short, FEARLESS avoids waiting 3 hours 45 minutes!!! ^_^

Fearless uses symbol of red cross that represent stamina/health.
Maniac uses symbol of thunder/lightning that represents energy.
Mogul uses symbol of a bundle of notes that represent money.

REMEMBER to choose FEARLESS as your character class!

Promoting Top Mafia Positions

There are six positions available to promote your Mafia friends:
1. Mastermind (provides 11% more XP per job performed)
2. Wheelman (reduces 11% energy cost on each job performed)
3. Button Man (increases total attack by 11%)
4. Bodyguard (increases total defense by 11%)
5. Safecracker (increases money gain from fight by 11%)
6. Bagman (increase money gain from jobs by 15%)

All classes can be Mastermind, Safecracker, and Bodyguard.
Only MANIAC player can be promoted as Button Man.
Only MOGUL player can be promoted as Bagman.
Only FEARLESS player can be promoted as Wheelman.

Button Man has a chance to allow attacker to win any fight.
Bodyguard has a chance to allow defender to win a losing fight.
Wheelman has a chance to avoid any energy spent on jobs.
Bagman has a chance to earn DOUBLE money.

Here is my analysis of the 3 unique class positions.
Why FEARLESS (Wheelman) is better than MOGUL (Bagman)
and MANIAC (Button Man)? MOGUL player promoted as
a top mafia by another person will gain a chance to earn
double money while performing a job. FEARLESS also has
this ability to gain DOUBLE money as well.

When FEARLESS is promoted as a TOP MAFIA by other player,
they gain a chance to avoid using any energy. Therefore,
they can do the job TWICE! When they do the same job again,
they INDIRECTLY gain DOUBLE money.

PLUS, with this savings, it allows FEARLESS to perform more
jobs, as a result, increases the chance to loot more special
item from a specific job AND mastering a job faster!
Or perhaps it is used to reduce the XP/Energy ratio rate
in order to safely reach to the next level without waiting for
energy regeneration. The benefits are surmounting!

For MANIAC scenario, we don’t attack a person more than twice
if the first time was a losing battle. We don’t attack for the
sake of attacking just to get the chance of instantly winning
a battle by being a Button Man. Zynga is horrible with classes lol.

Add HIGH level players as your TOP MAFIA to gain bonuses
Below is a brief strategy on setting up your TOP MAFIA
(p.s. You can only promote top mafia once you reach level 10)

Select a mafia player that does more than 15,000 jobs as your
top mafia mastermind as this will provide you max +11% XP
This is one of the important keys that allows your energy
characters to level up quickly!

Also, create another account (Facebook/MySpace) and use
that dummy account to promote your main character as a
Mastermind, as this will allow your main character to gain
a chance to perform a job with bonus +50% more experience!
However, your dummy account must be level 10 to promote you,
and your main character must be level 10 and above to be
promoted by someone else or your dummy account). Most
mafia players will not add you as your their top mafia because
your level is low. Low level players do not provide 11% benefits
unless they done many jobs, being a high level and so forth.

Do the same as Mastermind. Since we selected FEARLESS
in the beginning (at level 8), create another account
(2nd dummy account) and promote your main account as
You gain 30% chance to perform jobs without consuming
ANY ENERGY! That’s another important key where pro energy
players level-up 100 times or more per day! I use this trick too,
and it works very well. You will not be using a single
hard-earned Reward Points for energy refill. Zynga tries to
trick you by spending on energy refills (not worth it..) ^_^

Promote the other 4 balance top mafia in your main account
to gain those benefits. (15% more cash, etc) Your FEARLESS
can’t be promoted as Bagaman because its only for MOGUL!
(p.s. Read the pre-requisites above if you missed that out)

How to spend your energy pack EFFICIENTLY?

First, we need to solve the issue on HOW to get one ^_^
To gain an energy pack, you will need to request your mafia
to send you 1 energy pack. If you had 500 mafia, all of them
can send you energy pack, but you do not gain 500 energy
packs, only ONE! Zynga is stingy here!

Any of the mafia that first sends you an energy pack,
you will gain one energy pack. After consuming it,
you gain full refill energy and additional 25% energy to spend!
For example, if your max energy capacity is 1000, after
consuming the special energy pack, you will replenish your
energy by (1000 x 125% = 1250 energy!) However, you will
need to wait at least 24 hours to use your second special
energy pack if another mafia has reserved one for you ^_^
(p.s. don’t you just hate Zynga for the waiting time?)

Ok, now, how do we spend our energy efficiently?
Spending efficiently means spending the energy without
having the EXTRA energy carried forward to the NEXT level.

Before you spend your energy pack, depromote your TOP MAFIA
MASTERMIND first! This will prevent you from gaining bonus 11%
experience points. Once you drain all your current energy, use
your energy pack to refill your energy bar. Then perform jobs
until you reach till the end (where you had 2% XP left before

The reason of de-promoting and re-promoting is you ultilize your
energy to the max by performing MORE jobs without filling your
XP bar too fast. If you get more jobs done, you can master a
job faster (the ones that has 1% mastery for each job perform)

An easy indicator that you are using your energy EFFICIENTLY
after using special energy pack is to NOT see the YELLOW
numbers. Yellow numbers in your energy means EXCESS/EXTRA
energy which are not used. Here is an example to clarify:

Assuming you had just level up, your XP bar is empty for now.
You have 1000 energy max capacity. First de-promote your
top mafia MASTERMIND. Now, use your CURRENT energy to do
jobs (it could be the ones that has LOW xp/energy ratio OR
farming CONSUMEABLES such as untraceable phones OR
mastering job tiers to obtain BOSS item). Usually this would bring
your XP to 50-75%. Your current energy should be around 5%,
if those energy is INSUFFICIENT to do the main jobs, don’t use
the LEFTOVER energy to do UNIMPORTANT jobs. Now! Use
the SPECIAL ENERGY PACK. This will totally fill your energy to
the max and add +25% energy. Since my max energy is 1000,
it will be 1250 highlighted in YELLOW. Now continue with your
MAIN job. Once you have BALANCE OF 5-10 XP before leveling-up,
RE-PROMOTE your top mafia MASTERMIND to gain the 11%
bonus XP, and now FIND the MOST REWARDING XP job. This
extra XP will be carried forward to the next level, making it easier
for the next level to level-up. JUST get the MOST XP job! Don’t
bother with the energy level. Usually MOST REWARDING XP job
will eat lots of energy! That’s the point! Waste those energy till
your energy becomes WHITE instead of highlighted in yellow.
If you have successfully done so, you have completely used up
that 25% additional energy PLUS the extra energy from the 100%

You should ONLY spend them on only 2 things :-
– Master a LOW XP/Energy ratio job
– Perform jobs that gain consumable items for job that requires it:
(Untraceable Cell Phones, Illegal Transactions, Computer Set Up,
Hidden Camera, Distill Some Liquor, Manufacture Tokens,
Get Cheating Deck, Overtake Phone Central, Compromising Photo)

Where to get Mafia Wars Special Energy Pack?

This can only be obtain by installing Zynga Mafia Wars Toolbar.
After installing that toolbar, you will notice a word “Ready”
highlighted in green. (This ready status is beside the Special
Energy Pack icon). To spend it, click “Play” in the Mafia Wars
Toolbar. This toolbar can be only installed on FireFox and
Internet Explorer.

This special energy pack only recovers 25% of your max energy.
Assuming that your max energy is 2000, and your unused energy
is 1900, when you spend the special energy pack, 2000 x 25%
yields 500 energy. This 250 extra energy will be added on your
balance energy (1900 + 500 = 2400). If you could not use up
all your energy, this 2400 energy will be carried forward to the
next level. Instead of getting 2000 energy after level-up,
you get the previous energy which is 2400. This special energy
pack recharges in 8 hours after using it.

Issues with Mafia Wars Special Energy Pack
If you can’t find the status ready after waiting for 8 hours,
clear your internet browser cache and restart your internet
browser. If this does not help, try hiding the Zynga Mafia Wars
Toolbar for 5 seconds, then re-open it. Third-method is to
open a new browsing window and let Zynga Mafia Wars toolbar
update itself.

Tackling Mafia Wars City Job

There are several cities provided in Mafia Wars:
Moscow, Cuba, New York, Las Vegas, Bangkok.
You first start out in New York with newbie jobs.
Those newbie jobs have the worst XP/Energy Ratio job.

I kept mentioning about XP/Energy. How is this calculated?
Well its like this. If you spend 4 energy to gain 4 experience
point, its not as good as spending 4 energy to gain 8 experience
points. The xp/energy ratio for the first job is 4/4 = 1 xp/energy
while the second is calculated by 8/4 = 2 xp/energy.

REMEMBER to do high xp/energy ratio first to safely allow you
to reach the NEXT level without waiting for energy regeneration!
Calculate with a paper and pen like how its demonstrated above.
(p.s. use a calculator to speed things up ^_^ )

If you discovered that there will be some extra unused energy,
before leveling up, use that extra energy to master other jobs.
Mastering jobs is the key to MASS ENERGY! Each mastered job
rewards +1 Profile Point. Remember to only spend your profile
point into ENERGY stat only.

Mafia Wars Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Energy Characters are Weak

Some says that energy character are weak, but they are not.
Once an energy character have obtain 501 best offense and
defense weapons, armor and vehicles (including boss items)
that can be easily looted from jobs, you can now add your
profile points into Attack. Still, you need to add Profile Points
into Energy so you can still level. More levels means more
Attack points you can channel. For instance, every level,
you add +1 attack, +1 defense +3 energy. For the extra
profile points, spend it into +4 Stamina. You can exchange
some energy into stamina (cap 200 stamina to do lots of robbing)

Assuming you are level 1000 who completed all the game,
with constant leveling from 1000 to 2000 just by performing
Settle the Beef… Permanently, you gain approximately 5000
profile points. By the end of level 2000, you get 3000 Energy,
1000 Attack and 1000 defense, and 41 Stamina.

If Zynga Mafia Wars came out with Las Vegas or a new city,
you still can complete them easily since you still add 3 energy
into your energy pool.

Most players are below level 1000, now you can take advantage
of them! You can rob/fight them easily, “owning” each and
every weak to mid players (till you get bored of it). If they try
to revenge by placing hitlist on you, most players can’t attack
you unless the bigger fish (around level 1500-2500) gets you lol.

From there you gain the advantage of hitlist ride (hitlist allows
people to kill you) Once you have died, you can revive yourself
again by going to hospital. However, don’t revive yourself until
you are dead because of 2 reasons:
– You can gain a maximum of 50 XP only from hitlist ride
– You can only be hitlisted again after 2 hours.
– If you died and revive, you do not wait for 2 hours delay!

Hitlist is great because enemies uses their stamina to bring your
health down, while you gain free XP just by exchanging for money.
Instead of spending stamina to fight, you can use it to rob
New York properties which can earns you millions of cash faster
than robbing players! And the XP gain is somewhat similar to
Settle the Beef. Plus you are guaranteed to gain an item AND
a maximum of 60 XP (approximation) of completing the entire

Mafia Wars is a normal game for spending time if you are bored.

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