Armaggeddon Kalashinikov AK-550i Keyboard Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing a spill-proof backlit gaming keyboard from Armaggeddon and it is known as the Kalashinikov AK-550i. There are 2 colors: Red and Blue (currently reviewing this sample unit). Although this keyboard looks similar to a regular keyboard, it is packed with additional features such as 10 multimedia and function keys, toggle on/off LED backlight via function key and customizable macro programming keys using the provided software in CD. The SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of this keyboard is 79 MYR (22 USD).

Armaggeddon Kalashinikov AK-550i Keyboard Red Blue Model

What is Armaggeddon and why it’s branded as the Ultimate Gaming Gear? Established in November 11 2015, it is based out of Singapore with roots in parent companies which are Sonic Gear and Power Logic. Therefore, it has provided a solid foundation for Armaggeddon in manufacturing peripherals to match users’ needs. Armaggeddon specializes in designing and building gaming gears for both casual and professional gamers to help realize their full potential in training and competitions.

Before diving into the review, let’s check out the special features that this keyboard offers along with its technical specifications.


  • Fully Backlit gaming Keyboard styling
  • 10 Available multimedia and function buttons on keyboard
  • Full Size, 3-Segment multimedia and gaming keyboard with a total of 104 keys
  • High-Profile, ultra durable and silent keys
  • Spill-proof or splash proof, protection from exposure to water and liquid
  • Macro Programming Software CD included
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • USB Multimedia and Gaming keyboard
  • 104 membrane silent key stroke
  • 10 Functions and Multimedia keys on-the-fly
  • Red LED Backlight improve gaming experience
  • Built-in drainer for water or liquid spill on keyboard
  • 1.5Metre Ultra-Durable cable and Jack.

Packaging and Unboxing

Packaging-1: Here is a look at the front of the box. It displays the Armaggeddon logo that resembles similar to a hawk/eagle. A 2 year warranty is stamped on the bottom right corner, and an overview glimpse of the keyboard with intense backlight while listing the 3 main highlights of this keyboard in yellow.

Packaging-2: On the back of the box, we can find the features and specifications as listed in the review above. It also mentions about the materials used for this keyboard: Top Grade membrane keyboard for durable silent keys, Top grade cables with 100gf 6000 swing test at speeds of 120 swings per minute, and long lasting back-lightning. On the left side, it displays several languages describing this keyboard is a wired USB with 104 keys and cable length 1.5 meters.

Packaging-3: Unboxing the keyboard reveals its wrapped in plastic for additional protection. The accessory that comes with the keyboard is laid on the bottom of the keyboard.

Accessory: The Armaggeddon Kalshinikov AK-550i comes with a mini CD which allows you to install a 3rd party software that is only recognizable by this keyboard. This software is approximately 17MB (not found on their website at the point of this review is being made) and it has a list of profiles you can customize the keys to open the multimedia or your very own programmable macros!


Design-1: Looking at the AK-550i keyboard from the very top, it has 10 additional multimedia buttons. From the left to right of these buttons, we can find Desktop, E-mail, Search, Calculator, Home, Music (Opens up default music player), Play-Pause, Volume-Up, Volume-Down and Mute. At the center showcases the Armaggeddon logo. The Enter button has a L-shape appearance which is somewhat different to my current keyboard layout which has a front-slash button on top of the Enter key. The function key is located on the right-side of the ALT key.

Design-2: Checking the rear of the keyboard, we can find several mini holes which allows water to seep out in case there is drink spillage on your keyboard! It comes with some anti-slip rubber padding on both sides of the keyboard except for the top.

Design-3: As usual, this keyboard comes with legs to angle the keyboard approximately 30 degrees to allow non-touch typists to conveniently look at the key symbols/letters.

Design-4: The keyboard comes equipped wired USB cable non-braided which is plug-n-play. The cable length measures approximately 58 inches which is sufficiently long for close desktop usage.

Design-5: Here is another look at the keyboard with the blue LED back-light turned on. This can be toggle on/off by holding the function key and press the Scroll-Lock key. No adjustment on the brightness of the back-light.

Design-6: At the bottom of the Armaggeddon AK-550i keyboard, the spillage sink holes are distinctively noticeable with the back-lights turned on.

Design-7: Here is another perspective of the turned on back-light blue LED in a dark room. Noticed that the borders of the keyboard are lit up but not the alphanumeric symbols? It might be not helpful for users who often refer to the key symbols while gaming at the dark.

Design-8: Here is another look at the back of the keyboard in a completely dark room. The sides of the keyboard has LED back-lighting too!

Design-9: Taking a closer look at the keys, it looks pretty awesome but I would prefer the letters and symbols to be lit through as well.

Design-10: Here is a close-up for the arrow buttons and the number pad section.


The Armaggeddon AK-550i Spill-Proof USB Gaming Keyboard is definitely a keyboard that you may want to put it in your consideration list as it comes with lots of features compared to a regular keyboard. As for my user experience, I’m more used to a Mechanical Keyboard tactile feeling from Cherry Brown/Blue switches. However, this gaming keyboard is similar to Cherry Red with short bottoming out when pressed with mushy feeling to it due to the membrane keys being used. Overall, its a good budget keyboard that does not break your bank compared to the cheapest mechanical keyboard priced approximately triple of this keyboard.


  • Great a multimedia keys for instant access to surfing the internet, e-mail, music player. Saves time instead of typing out in the “Run” command to access this application.
  • Programmable macro keys to improve daily tasks. Can be customized to open specific applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. This comes in a software delivered in the CD. Can set up different profile for different purposes such as gaming and office work.


  • Keyboard Layout (Enter, Backslash) might not suit user’s need.
  • Mechanical keyboard owners may not get use to it since it uses membrane key, key press feels mushy.
  • Difficult to see what key are pressed in dark as its a backlight instead of LED on the key symbols.
  • Unable to switch to different back-light colors. So choose the keyboard model wisely!

Disclosure: The review sample was provided by LeapFrogGlobal – if you’re looking for this speaker, you know where to find them.

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