Adventure Story Walkthrough Guide

Play Online: Adventure Story


1) Use arrow keys to walk, walk up to sign boards to read them.
2) Press Jump (A by default) to jump. Hold Jump longer to jump higher.
3) Press UP to open treasure chests or enter portal.
4) Collect Coins to upgrade your skills! There’s 100 coins and 10 treasure chest in each level.
5) Hold down to duck or crawl. You can also jump while holding down to drop down through some platforms.
6) Watch out for bottomless pits! They won’t kill you instantly but will still do lots of damage.
7) Press Attack (S by default) to use basic melee attack. Time it right to use a 3 hit combo.
8) You can use different attacks while jumping, ducking or holding up.
9) Press Magic (D by default) to open the magic menu, select a spell, aim and then cast it. Spell cost 1 MP to use.
10) You can set spells to hotkeys (Q, W, E by default) for quicker use. On the magic menu, press a hotkey to assign a spell.
11) HP and MP upgrades can be found in treasure chests, while leveling up increases your attack and magic damage.
12) Press P or escape to pause game. You can then exit the level or change some settings.

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