Winter Packs December 2021 | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era introduces Winter Packs in their Limited Shop on December 29th 2021 to celebrate Winter Festival 2021! These offer packs are Winter Luxury, Winter Superior and Winter Qualified Pack. These on-sale item are only available for 2 weeks in the shop before they are removed from the Limited Shop. This as an unmissable limited-time ultra value Winter Festival pack for you!

Winter Luxury Pack

Cost: $99.99 | Purchase Limit: 1 | Savings: ?
Items included: 3 Ancient Summoning Crystal, 30 Advanced Summoning Crystal, 30 Special Gear Charm, 2000 Diamonds.
Awaken Chaos Era Winter Luxury Pack December 2021

Winter Superior Pack

Cost: $39.99 | Purchase Limit: 2 | Savings: ?
Items included: 1 Ancient Summoning Crystal, 15 Advanced Summoning Crystal, 15 Special Gear Charm, 1200 Diamonds.
Awaken Chaos Era Superior Luxury Pack December 2021

Winter Qualified Pack (Limit 3)

Cost: $19.99 | Purchase Limit: 3 | Savings: ?
Items included: 12 Advanced Summoning Crystal, 8 Special Gear Charm, 1000 Diamonds, 10 Meal Coupon
Awaken Chaos Era Winter Qualified Pack December 2021

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